Naming a Burmilla Cat: A Guide To Select The Perfect Name For This Breed

Welcome to the whimsical world of picking the perfect name for your feline friend! If you’ve recently welcomed a Burmilla cat into your life, you know just how charming and captivating these creatures can be. With their distinctive silvery shimmer and affectionate personalities, Burmilla cats deserve names that are as unique and elegant as they are.

Whether you’re looking for a name that accentuates your Burmilla’s luxurious coat, reflects their playful nature, or celebrates their fascinating breed origins, we’ve got you covered. We’ve categorized our comprehensive list into sections so you can easily navigate through the options and select a cat name that fits your new companion to a T.

Let’s discover together the ideal cat names that will encapsulate the essence of your furry family member.

Silver-shaded Burmilla cat posing elegantly

How to Select a Name for Your Burmilla

Welcoming a Burmilla cat into your home is an exciting moment that is filled with lots of cuddles, playtime, and the important task of choosing the perfect name for your new furry friend. The Burmilla has a striking appearance with a silvery coat and a charming personality, so it deserves a name that captures both its elegance and distinctive personality.

Below you’ll find tips and suggestions on how to select a name that suits your Burmilla cat to a tee.

Understand the Burmilla’s Personality and Appearance

To start off, get to know your Burmilla’s personality. Are they playful, regal, or particularly affectionate?

A Burmilla may often be easy-going and sociable, which could inspire names like ‘Buddy’ or ‘Jasper’. Their plush silvery fur might also lead you to names such as ‘Sterling’, ‘Silvy’, or ‘Ash’.

Consider the Breed’s Heritage

The Burmilla cat breed came about by accident in the United Kingdom when a Chinchilla Persian and a Burmese cat were bred. With such an interesting inception, you might want to give a nod to their lineage with names like ‘Burma’ or ‘Chinny’.

Alternatively, you could explore names that have British roots, such as ‘Winston’, ‘Duchess’, or ‘Bentley’, to commemorate their place of origin.

Short and Sweet

Cats often respond best to names that are short and easy to say. One or two-syllable names like ‘Belle’, ‘Max’, or ‘Zara’ can be more easily recognized by your Burmilla and makes calling them a breeze.

A simple and catchy name also makes it easier for children and others to remember and use.

Unique But Not Complicated

While it’s tempting to choose a unique name, steer clear of overly complicated ones. The exotic sound of ‘Aurelian’ or ‘Vespera’ might appeal to you, but think about the frequent day-to-day use.

You want a name that rolls off the tongue easily, both for you and for others who may interact with your cat.

Test It Out

Once you’ve narrowed down a few choices, test them out on your Burmilla to see if any seem to fit or elicit a response. Sometimes, you don’t know the right name until you’ve tried calling it out a few times.

Observing your cat’s reaction to different names can also be a good indicator of a perfect match.

Be Inspired by Their Coloring

The distinctive silver shade of the Burmilla is one of their most notable traits, so why not draw inspiration from it?

Names like ‘Argent’, ‘Misty’, or ‘Gleam’ reflect their shiny coat, while ‘Pewter’ or ‘Shade’ might nod to the specific hue of your cat.

Consider the Long-Term

Remember that your Burmilla will grow and their name will need to suit them throughout their life. While ‘Kitten’ may be adorable for a young cat, think about how it will sound when your Burmilla is a dignified adult.

Choose a name that will grow with them and continue to be suitable as they mature.

Get Creative with Combinations

Sometimes, a combination of inspirations might result in the perfect name. For instance, a name like ‘Silky Mae’ or ‘Charcoal Joe’ can combine their coat texture or color with a human touch, giving you the best of both worlds.

Selecting a name for your Burmilla cat is a fun and meaningful activity that helps bond you to your pet. Take your time, be inspired by your cat, and pick a name that will be a reflection of your love and appreciation for your new companion.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to choosing a name that is as delightful and elegant as your Burmilla cat itself.

Beautiful Burmilla cat with silky, shiny fur

Names for Male Burmilla Cats

Discover the perfect identity for your charming Burmilla boy with this curated list of male names. Known for their distinctive shaded or tipped silver coats, Burmilla cats exude an aristocratic grace that deserves a name to match.

Whether you prefer classic, modern, or whimsical names, you’ll find the right moniker to reflect your Burmilla male cat’s dashing personality and stunning appearance.

Dive into the sweet symphony of names we have put together to ensure your Burmilla cat stands out with his special title.

1. Sterling18. Jaspurr35. Quicksilver
2. Shadowfax19. Griffin36. Nimbus
3. Merlin20. Marbles37. Galahad
4. Zinc21. Vogue38. Argent
5. Mystic22. Zinc39. Earl Grey
6. Apollo23. Gatsby40. Flint
7. Orion24. Pixel41. Jet
8. Knight25. Neo42. Ink
9. Frost26. Domino43. Mithril
10. Echo27. Cobalt44. Onyx
11. Nimbus28. Phantom45. Eclipse
12. Talon29. Silverton46. Charcoal
13. Zephyr30. Rook47. Coal
14. Draco31. Blizzard48. Pewter
15. Atlas32. Bolt49. Phantom
16. Mystic33. Loki50. Smudge
17. Frostbite34. Jade51. Sparrow

Names for Female Burmilla Cats

Find a name as elegant and sophisticated as your female Burmilla cat with this array of female names. The Burmilla’s shimmering coat and gentle demeanor are a source of inspiration for names that are as beautiful as they are unique.

Whether it’s her silken fur, her expressive eyes, or her loving nature, each name on this list is meant to capture a facet of her graceful essence.

Browse through these names to crown your female Burmilla with a name that she can wear proudly throughout her nine lives.

1. Luna18. Frostine35. Glitter
2. Sable19. Cleopatra36. Harmony
3. Aurora20. Glimmer37. Snowflake
4. Willow21. Beryl38. Angel
5. Duchess22. Moondust39. Electra
6. Celeste23. Crystal40. Satin
7. Opal24. Dahlia41. Velvet
8. Tiara25. Belle42. Whisper
9. Ivy26. Diva43. Zara
10. Bianca27. Flora44. Misty
11. Chantilly28. Nova45. Purity
12. Pearl29. Gypsy46. Sapphira
13. Seraphina30. Jasmine47. Cashmere
14. Silk31. Pandora48. Coral
15. Giselle32. Raven49. Esmeralda
16. Mocha33. Starling50. Taffeta
17. Mystique34. Diamond51. Snowbell

Wild And Exotic Names for Burmilla Cats

Choose from an array of wild and exotic names that reflect the unique crossbreed origins of the Burmilla cat. With a lineage that traces back to both Burmese and Chinchilla Persians, the Burmilla is a breed that deserves a name as extraordinary as its history.

Wild and exotic names can add a layer of intrigue and mystique to your feline companion, celebrating their rare beauty and captivating charm. Explore this selection to find a name that resonates with the wild spirit of your precious Burmilla cat.

1. Maverick18. Bongo35. Himalaya
2. Sphinx19. Cheetah36. Mirage
3. Savannah20. Sirocco37. Oasis
4. Puma21. Tao38. Voodoo
5. Sahara22. Lynx39. Zephyr
6. Amazon23. Cobra40. Bahama
7. Indigo24. Tundra41. Calypso
8. Tropicana25. Sable42. Fjord
9. Nefertiti26. Yukon43. Serengeti
10. Zulu27. Maestro44. Kapok
11. Shaman28. Viper45. Kaziranga
12. Andes29. Phoenix46. Mangrove
13. Mowgli30. Rainforest47. Patagonia
14. Bali31. Caspian48. Outback
15. Congo32. Rio49. Sequoia
16. Everest33. Gaia50. Taiga
17. Zanzibar34. Kenya51. Zambezi

Names Based on Appearance of Burmilla Cats

Embrace the captivating beauty of your Burmilla cat by choosing a name that reflects their stunning physical traits. With their remarkable combination of soft, silver-tipped fur, green or yellow eyes, and muscular yet elegant build, these cats are the epitome of grace.

Examining their shimmering coats and harmonious features can spark inspiration for the perfect name.

Our list of names based on appearance for Burmilla cats will provide you with creative and fitting options that honor the visual splendor of your kitty.

1. Sparkle18. Patches35. Icy
2. Shimmer19. Marbled36. Tinsel
3. Smokey20. Freckle37. Glossy
4. Gleam21. Dapple38. Shady
5. Silhouette22. Twinkle39. Sepia
6. Pewter23. Foggy40. Stripe
7. Ghost24. Glint41. Marble
8. Platinum25. Mosaic42. Gloss
9. Shadow26. Pearly43. Fawn
10. Dusk27. Dusty44. Hue
11. Grayson28. Ash45. Haze
12. Swirl29. Frosty46. Tarnish
13. Mist30. Spotty47. Tint
14. Tuxedo31. Velvet48. Hue
15. Grizzle32. Ember49. Luster
16. Alabaster33. Glaze50. Umber
17. Chinchilla34. Lace51. Shale

Unique Names for Burmilla Cats

Stand out from the crowd with a unique name for your Burmilla cat that is just as one-of-a-kind as they are. The Burmilla breed, a relatively new addition to the cat world, is admired for its playful but gentle temperament, making it a delightful family pet.

Blending individuality with allure, these names are as rare and exclusive as your stylish feline friend. Venture through our compilation of unique names and discover that special moniker that encapsulates your Burmilla cat’s distinct personality and charm.

1. Quasar18. Lumina35. Quantum
2. Nebula19. Borealis36. Zenith
3. Fresco20. Sonata37. Io
4. Enigma21. Pixel38. Vortex
5. Epoch22. Lyric39. D’Artagnan
6. Riddle23. Mystic40. Fibonacci
7. Zinnia24. Fresco41. Mosaic
8. Avant25. Bravado42. Allegro
9. Mirage26. Maelstrom43. Toccata
10. Memento27. Halcyon44. Rhapsody
11. Lyra28. Astra45. Paradox
12. Labyrinth29. Cipher46. Esoteric
13. Versailles30. Serendipity47. Cabal
14. Cosmo31. Vogue48. Quixotic
15. Odyssey32. Fable49. Zenon
16. Nocturne33. Karma50. Solstice
17. Vogue34. Rhapsody51. Havoc
Burmilla cat with striking beautiful eyes closeup


Regardless of the name you choose, your Burmilla cat will undoubtedly enrich your life with their playful antics, affectionate nature, and stunning appearance. The significance of selecting a name cannot be overstated, as it is not just a label but rather a reflection of your cat’s unique character and the special bond you share.

Whether you are inspired by their elegant looks, their spirited personality, or simply wish to give them a name as rare as they are, we hope our extensive list of cute and interesting cat names has provided you with the perfect name for your Burmilla companion.

In the end, the name that resonates with your heart is the one that your feline friend is destined to wear with pride and joy.