Oriental Longhair Cat Names: We Hand-Picked the Best Ones! 

Naming a new pet is an exciting and meaningful task, This is why we hand picked the best Oriental Longhair cat names for you in here. With their sleek bodies, striking almond-shaped eyes, and luxurious coats, these felines exude an air of mystique and charm.

Recognizing how essential it is to select a name that reflects not only your cat’s breed but also their unique personality, we’ve curated a list of over 250 names specifically tailored to these charming creatures.

In our comprehensive naming guide for Oriental Longhair, you’ll find a variety of cat names meticulously segmented into categories to help you pinpoint exactly what resonates with your feline friend.

Choosing the right name that reflects their beauty, personality, and heritage can be both fun and rewarding. So let’s embark on this exciting adventure together, discovering the name that your feline will carry with elegance and pride.

Oriental longhair cat face image with detailed whiskers

Names for a Male Oriental Longhair

Finding the perfect name for your male Oriental Longhair cat can be a playful quest into his personality, appearance, and elegance that this breed exudes. These cats are known for their sleek bodies, vivid eyes, and vibrant personalities, so choosing a name that reflects these characteristics is key.

Whether you’re looking for something regal to match his aristocratic posture or something whimsical that speaks to his curious nature, a well-picked name can become a signature mark of your cat’s individualism.

1. Sultan18. Orion35. Zephyr
2. Jasper19. Merlin36. Eros
3. Apollo20. Nimbus37. Cairo
4. Socrates21. Echo38. Flynn
5. Dante22. Pixel39. Midnight
6. Loki23. Marlowe40. Hiro
7. Prince24. Sable41. Odyssey
8. Zane25. Phantom42. Astro
9. Onyx26. Rocco43. Domino
10. Nero27. Everest44. Neo
11. Blaze28. Gideon45. Galileo
12. Atlas29. Falcon46. Lancelot
13. Valor30. Caesar47. Tarzan
14. Maverick31. Drako48. Zen
15. Cosmo32. Pascal49. Knox
16. Neo33. Dante50. Rune
17. Sterling34. Hades51. Jagger

Names for a Female Oriental Longhair

A female Oriental Longhair possesses both beauty and brains, making the search for the perfect female name all the more exciting. With their strikingly slender bodies, large almond-shaped eyes, and social nature, these cats deserve names that capture their distinctiveness and grace.

A name can be a reflection of her regal demeanor or her playful antics, and it should be as eloquent and captivating as the cat herself.

Below you will find names that are not only beautiful to the ear but also reflect the myriad personalities of a female Oriental Longhairs.

1. Athena18. Zara35. Giselle
2. Cleopatra19. Nova36. Seraphina
3. Sapphire20. Calista37. Opal
4. Esme21. Iris38. Artemis
5. Luna22. Daphne39. Tessa
6. Willow23. Bijou40. Aurora
7. Ophelia24. Freya41. Pandora
8. Jasmine25. Isolde42. Mira
9. Layla26. Saffron43. Valencia
10. Mystique27. Coraline44. Kiara
11. Geneva28. Venus45. Zinnia
12. Aria29. Celeste46. Eloise
13. Felicity30. Lilith47. Imogen
14. Pandora31. Anastasia48. Calliope
15. Perl32. Suki49. Sienna
16. Bella33. Elara50. Vesper
17. Zinnia34. Sonata51. Dahlia
Purebred oriental longhair cat posing elegantly

Wild And Exotic Names for Oriental Longhair

Oriental Longhair cats are the epitome of exotica with their sinuous silhouettes and their silky, luxurious coats. When you bring such a wild-hearted and unique feline into your home, it’s only natural that you would want to find a name that echoes its feral grace and uncommon beauty.

A name can be a nod to their wild ancestors or reflect their enigmatic presence in your household. These names, some drawn from distant lands and ancient mythologies, are handpicked to resonate with the spirit of adventure and the untamed elegance that your Oriental Longhair personifies.

1. Tarzan18. Sahara35. Rio
2. Mowgli19. Jaguar36. Zenobia
3. Samurai20. Raja37. Jumanji
4. Amazon21. Zulu38. Kazan
5. Congo22. Nairobi39. Koda
6. Bengal23. Gobi40. Tempest
7. Shiva24. Mojave41. Oasis
8. Voodoo25. Indra42. Simba
9. Zephyr26. Fiji43. Sequoia
10. Kodiak27. Maestro44. Serengeti
11. Savannah28. Atlas45. Rain
12. Aztec29. Nala46. Sirocco
13. Kenya30. Cheetah47. Aslan
14. Malachite31. Everest48. Sphinx
15. Jaguar32. Puma49. Tundra
16. Everest33. Ara50. Himalaya
17. Phoenix34. Zaire51. Taiga

Names Based on Appearance of Oriental Longhair

The Oriental Longhair cat is a breed that captures attention with its elegant lines and striking features. These cats often present with a wide array of coat colors and unique markings that can inspire the perfect moniker.

When you take a moment to really observe your feline’s appearance, you may find yourself captivated by the depth of their eyes, the richness of their coat, or the delicate grace of their long limbs.

A name that speaks to these visual attributes can encapsulate the essence of your cat’s stunning beauty.

1. Shadow18. Smokey35. Dusk
2. Sienna19. Velvet36. Tawny
3. Luna20. Ivy37. Speckle
4. Amber21. Frost38. Pearl
5. Sterling22. Marbles39. Fawn
6. Onyx23. Autumn40. Cinnamon
7. Ruby24. Garnet41. Marble
8. Flare25. Coal42. Swirl
9. Midnight26. Sable43. Flame
10. Snowball27. Rusty44. Frost
11. Mocha28. Sapphire45. Cashmere
12. Goldie29. Indigo46. Hazel
13. Ginger30. Topaz47. Prism
14. Patches31. Cocoa48. Ink
15. Blaze32. Alabaster49. Spice
16. Crystal33. Jade50. Choco
17. Eclipse34. Ember51. Sunny

Unique Names for Oriental Longhair Cat

The Oriental Longhair breed is known for its refined appearance, lithe body, and intelligent expression, making it stand out among the feline world. A unique cat like this deserves a name that’s not only special but also encapsulates its spirit and distinctive character.

Unique names give your Oriental Longhair an extra touch of personality and originality, separating them from the common and the conventional.

This carefully selected list of unique names aims to offer something truly individual for your Oriental cat. Reflecting the breed’s creative spirit and captivating presence, these names are diverse and imaginative. Ensuring that your cat’s name will be as distinctive and singular as they are!

1. Inky18. Mochi35. Quasar
2. Nimbus19. Zephyrus36. Quantum
3. Cymbeline20. Freyr37. Elektra
4. Elowen21. Kaleo38. Juno
5. Anemone22. Figaro39. Tiberius
6. Thalassa23. Callisto40. Akira
7. Zerlin24. Avior41. Icarus
8. Calypso25. Galadriel42. Juniper
9. Quixote26. Obsidian43. Mandrake
10. Halcyon27. Lysander44. Solaris
11. Avalon28. Rune45. Solstice
12. Bellatrix29. Yara46. Ragnarok
13. Hyperion30. Io47. Tesseract
14. Odyssey31. Zagan48. Utopia
15. Arcadia32. Solara49. Vortex
16. Pavo33. Tycho50. Zephyrine
17. Andromeda34. Helix51. Orionis
Oriental longhair cat with green eyes

How To Pick a Name for Your Oriental Longhair

Selecting a name for your Oriental Longhair can be a delightful but challenging task. As one of the most elegant and expressive cat breeds, an Oriental Longhair deserves a name that reflects its unique characteristics and charming personality.

Here are some thoughtful strategies to help you find the perfect moniker for your feline companion.

Consider Their Distinctive Traits

Oriental Longhairs are known for their long, sleek bodies, almond-shaped eyes, and large, pointed ears. They often exhibit a wide range of coat colors and patterns.

When choosing a name, consider these distinctive physical traits. Think about creative names that complement their regal appearance or their vibrant coat colors.

Reflect on Their Personality

These cats often have a playful, affectionate, and vocal nature. Observe your cat’s behavior and personality.

Does your Oriental Longhair have a penchant for climbing to the highest points in your home or perhaps an endearing habit that makes you smile? A name that encapsulates their quirks can be both meaningful and endearing.

Explore Cultural Connections

The Oriental Longhair breed has a rich heritage, and exploring names from the regions where these cats originated might inspire you.

Look into names that have historical or cultural significance or that carry meanings related to grace, intelligence, or beauty. This approach can give your cat’s name a personal touch and a story to tell.

Consider the Long-term

Remember, the name you choose will be with your cat for life, so it’s important to pick something that you’ll feel comfortable calling out and hearing for many years.

While it can be tempting to choose a humorous or trendy name, consider how it will feel calling your cat by that name in different situations and whether it will still suit them as they transition from a playful kitten to a dignified adult.

Say It Aloud

Before you settle on a name, say it out loud several times and use it in sentences. See how it feels to call out and if it’s a good fit for your cat. The name should roll off the tongue easily and be something that your cat responds to.

Additionally, consider names that are distinctive enough from the commands you plan to teach your cat to avoid any confusion.

Involve the Family

If there are others in the household, involve them in the naming process. Each member might have a unique perspective or creative ideas that align well with your Oriental Longhair’s character. Including the whole family can also help ensure that everyone feels connected to the new feline member.

Be Patient

Sometimes, finding the right name takes time. Don’t rush the process. Spend a few days getting to know your cat, and you might find that the perfect name just comes to you naturally. It is okay to try out a few different names in the beginning to see what sticks—it’s all part of the fun bonding experience with your new pet.

Black oriental longhair cat sitting gracefully


Finding the right name for your Oriental Longhair is a loving process that can take time and consideration. Your cat is a marvel among cats, bestowed with an elegance that is all their own.

The perfect name will pay homage to their unique traits and exalt their individuality, carving out a special place in your heart and home for years to come.