14 Asian Cat Breeds: Last One is Surprising!

a collage of different Asian cat breeds originated from Asia

Asia—a tapestry of diverse cultures, landscapes, and, yes, cat breeds. With a legacy as intricate as finely woven silk, some of the most intriguing and beloved cat breeds have emerged from this vast continent. These aren’t just any cats; they are the pioneers, the originals—the foundation from which many other breeds have been inspired.

Siamese, Persians, and Angoras: these are the names that echo through the annals of feline history, each carrying a blueprint that would shape the future of their kind.

The Angora, with its silky fur and svelte figure, embodies the essence of agility and intelligence. They’re not just charming; they’re acrobatic, often found in the highest nook surveying their domain with a regal gaze. On the other paw, Siamese cats, with their enchanting blue eyes and sleek coats, are the extroverts of the cat world—always investigating, chattering away, and making sure their presence is known.

Then there’s the dignified Persian, the epitome of serene indulgence, often curled up in a ball of fluff, content to dream the day away. These are the quiet ones, the thinkers, the plush companions that provide a calming presence in any home.

From these classic and cherished breeds come many other Asian cat marvels, each carrying a whisper of the traits of their forebears. In this lineup, we not only celebrate the famed Siamese and Persian cats but also shine a light on some of the lesser-known yet equally captivating breeds, such as the agile Dragon Li and the enchanting Tonkinese. These 14 Asian cat breeds each hold a story, a secret to their lineage that weaves them into the rich fabric of their ancestors.

Venture with us as we explore the fascinating array of Asian cat breeds. From the well-known to the obscured precious gems, every one of them is a testament to the heritage, character, and unending charm of Asia’s feline wonders.


Birman kitten with beautiful blue eyes sitting on table
Female Birman Weight6 – 10 lb
Male Birman Weight7 – 12 lb
Height8 – 10 inches
Body Length15 – 18 inches
Lifespan9 – 15 years
SheddingLow – Medium
Energy LevelMedium
Affection LevelHigh

Are you a fan of feline royalty? Look no further than the majestic Birman cats, a gem among Asian Cat Breeds! Originating from the mystical lands of Myanmar (formerly Burma), these plush pals boast a history intertwined with sacred Kittah priests and grand temples, symbolizing purity with their luxurious white coats.

Today’s Birman cats carry the legacy that blossomed in 1920s France, ensuring that their regal presence and companionable nature continue to enchant cat lovers around the world.

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Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cat laying elegantly - close up picture
Female Japanese Bobtail Weight5 – 7 lb
Male Japanese Bobtail Weight8 – 10 lb
Height8 – 9 inches
Body Length13 – 15 inches
Lifespan9 – 15 years
Energy LevelHigh
Affection LevelHigh

Japanese Bobtails are a unique and enchanting breed among Asian Cat Breeds, boasting an impressive legacy with deep roots in Japan’s history.

These cats have lived harmoniously within the local environment for thousands of years, often revered for their natural ability to protect venerable Buddhist monks’ stores from pesky rodents around 700 A.D., a role they proudly uphold even to this very day.

Celebrated for their distinctive, naturally short tails, Japanese Bobtails are as authentic as they come, captivating hearts in both their long and short-haired forms.

What’s more, their engaging, canine-like behaviors are sure to provide endless entertainment and companionship. This makes them an unparalleled addition to any home seeking a touch of historical charm mingled with lively antics.

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Himalayan cat with beautiful blue eyes
Female Himalayan Weight7 – 10 lb
Male Himalayan Weight7 – 12 lb
Height10 – 12 inches
Body Length17 – 19 inches
Lifespan9 – 15 years
Energy LevelLow – Medium
Affection LevelHigh

Meet the Himalayan cats, esteemed members of the Persian Breed Group and a treasure among Asian Cat Breeds, known for their extraordinary ability to soothe anxious hearts with their affectionate nature.

These sociable fluff balls are quick to steal your affection, creating a bond that’s as comforting as it is enduring. While Himalayans often share the spotlight with their Persian and Javanese cousins, they hold their own with a rich heritage celebrated by TICA.

With roots traveling back to 1684 B.C., as depicted in ancient hieroglyphics, these cats are not just pets but walking pieces of history.

Whether you’re seeking a calm companion or a loving friend, the sweet and charming Himalayan is here to purr your worries away.

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Burmese kitten laying on the floor
Female Burmese Weight7 – 10 lb
Male Burmese Weight8 – 12 lb
Height9 – 13 inches
Body Length15 – 18 inches
Lifespan18 – 25 years
Energy LevelHigh
Affection LevelHigh

Dive into the delightful story of the Burmese breed, one of the charming Asian Cat Breeds that owes its existence to a petite and endearing brown feline named Wong Mau.

This trailblazer journeyed from the tranquil borderlands near Thailand and Myanmar to America in 1930, accompanied by the caring Dr. Joseph G. Thompson.

Through a loving union with Siamese cats, the unique Burmese lineage was born. Initially recognized for their signature light brown shade, these captivating companions now grace us in a kaleidoscope of colors, each one as entrancing as the next.

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Grey Persian Cat Sitting
Female Persian Weight5.3 – 8.4 lb
Male Persian Weight7 – 15 lb
Height10 – 15 inches
Body Length14.5 – 17.5 inches
Lifespan12 – 17 years
Energy LevelLow – Medium
Affection LevelHigh

The Persian cat, an illustrious member and progenitor of the Persian breed line stands as an enduring figure among Asian Cat Breeds, boasting a lineage that spans centuries.

These modern-day Persians hold a rich heritage, often tracing their roots back to the luxurious long-haired felines that journeyed from Persia (Afghanistan and Iran), alongside the refined Turkish Angoras.

Their worldwide popularity is a testament to their adaptable and affectionate nature, coupled with the stunning array of colors and patterns that adorn their plush coats.

Embrace the timeless elegance of the Persian cat, a breed that brings both regal beauty and soothing company into homes across the globe.

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Khao Manee

Beautiful Khao Manee sitting indoors attentively
Female Khao Manee Weight6 – 8 lb
Male Khao Manee Weight8 – 11 lb
Height10 – 12 inches
Body Length12 – 16 inches
Lifespan10 – 12 years
Energy LevelMedium
Affection LevelHigh

Stepping into the world of exotic felines, you’ll find the Khao Manee, a jewel among Asian Cat Breeds that is as rare as it is captivating.

Dressed in coats of pure, sparkling white and adorned with eyes that shimmer like precious jewels, these cats are a natural marvel without a single brushstroke of human influence.

With roots tracing back to the heart of Thailand, their elegance and mystique are celebrated in centuries-old literature, such as the Tamra Maew—poetry that dates back to the 14th century.

Despite the Khao Manee’s regal air and often hefty price tag, at heart, they remain true to their feline nature: playful, inquisitive, and endearingly affectionate.

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Adorable korat with beautiful green eyes
Female Korat Weight6 – 8 lb
Male Korat Weight10 – 15 lb
Height10 – 12 inches
Body Length15 – 18 inches
Lifespan15 years
Energy LevelMedium
Affection LevelHigh

Discover the Korat, a true rarity and a captivating addition to the landscape of Asian Cat Breeds, whose curious and charming persona is bound to enchant you.

With a lineage proudly portrayed in Thai art dating back to 1350, these small-sized beauties are adorned with a captivating silver-blue coat that glimmers with a kittenish appeal. Admirers and experts alike agree that the Korat’s appearance has stood the test of time, staying remarkably consistent since their earliest discovery.

Take a moment to admire their distinctive heart-shaped heads and the keen, observant eyes that seem to follow your every move. The Korat isn’t just a pet; it’s a living piece of history with a soulful and inquisitive nature that’s sure to capture the heart of any cat lover.

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Oriental Shorthair

Oriental shorthair cat black eyes
Female Oriental Shorthair Weight6 – 8 lb
Male Oriental Shorthair Weight8 – 12 lb
Height9 – 11 inches
Body Length11 – 14 inches
Lifespan12 – 15 years
Energy LevelHigh
Affection LevelHigh

The Oriental Shorthair is a sleek and brainy standout within Asian Cat Breeds, known for its fearless determination and acrobatic prowess—yes, even if it means scaling to the peaks of your canopy bed simply for the thrill.

These felines share a close kinship with the Siamese Breed Group and, at a glance, one could easily mistake them for their Siamese cousins, if not for their distinctive array of coat colors.

The efforts to refine the Oriental Shorthair into the exquisite breed we know today took place in England during the 1950s, but their playful and athletic nature has always been at their core.

Eager for interactive play, these cats are the epitome of feline agility and intelligence, ready to engage and entertain their human companions from sunrise to sunset.

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Siamese Breed Sitting Looking At The Camera
Female Siamese Weight8 – 12 lb
Male Siamese Weight10 – 15 lb
Height8 – 11 inches
Body Length11.5 – 14 inches
Lifespan15 years
SheddingLow – Medium
Energy LevelMedium – High
Affection LevelHigh

Siamese cats, namesakes, and the cornerstone of the Siamese breed line carry an air of mystery alongside their storied history, which, although not precisely documented, can be glimpsed in ancient manuscripts dating back to the 12th century.

During those times, the land now known as Thailand was referred to as Siam, where these striking cats were revered natives. Fast forward to today, and Siamese cats are celebrated for their outgoing and vocal personalities, thriving on human interaction and forming deep bonds with their owners.

Known for their expressiveness and affectionate nature, they’re the ideal pet for anyone seeking a feline that’s as sociable and loving as they are elegant and historical.

If a chatty, engaging, and loving companion is what you’re after, the Siamese cat, a jewel among Asian Cat Breeds, will wholeheartedly embrace the role.

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Siberian Cat Breed Standing Outside In Winter
Female Siberian Weight7 – 12 lb
Male Siberian Weight10 – 18 lb
Height9 – 11 inches
Body Length15 – 19 inches
Lifespan10 – 18 years
SheddingLow – Medium
Energy LevelMedium
Affection LevelHigh

The Siberian cat, with its lush, thick fur, is a robust breed designed to withstand the harsh Siberian tundra. As natural-born rat catchers and endearing companions, Siberians have warmed homes and hearts for countless generations, possibly spanning back a millennium.

Despite their ancient origins, these cats were latecomers to the United States, only gracing American shores with their presence in 1990.

Renowned for their affectionate demeanor, Siberian cats are the epitome of love and loyalty in the feline world.

If you’re on the quest for a warm snuggle on a cold night or a friendly purr to welcome you home, the Siberian cat, often associated with Asian Cat Breeds due to its proximity to the region, is the perfect fluffy friend to fill your life with affection.

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Playful Singapura
Female Singapura Weight4 – 6 lb
Male Singapura Weight4 – 8 lb
Height6 – 8 inches
Body Length9 – 12 inches
Lifespan11 – 15 years
Energy LevelMedium
Affection LevelHigh

The Singapura may be petite in stature, but it’s a mighty figure in the realm of Asian Cat Breeds, having evolved from the bustling street life of Singapore. These pint-sized bundles of energy are born adventurers with a fearlessness for exploration and a knack for making new friends.

Their striking ticked tabby coat is eye-catching, a signature look that sets them apart. Embraced with pride by their homeland, the Singapura has even been honored as a national mascot, with whimsical statues capturing their playful spirit along the scenic Singapore River.

If you’re seeking a lively and loving feline friend that brings both action and affection, the Singapura’s boundless vitality and charming personality make it an unforgettable companion in a small, but incredibly spirited package.

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Turkish Van

Fluffy Turkish van laying on the sofa
Female Turkish Van Weight7 – 12 lb
Male Turkish Van Weight10 – 20 lb
Height10 – 14 inches
Body Length14 – 17 inches
Lifespan12 – 17 years
Energy LevelHigh
Affection LevelHigh

Tracing their feline footsteps back to the Middle Ages, Turkish Van cats have long been the whiskered wanderers of Turkey’s rugged mountains.

It wasn’t until the mid-1950s that breeders formally recognized the allure of these intelligent, sociable felines. With their captivating personalities, Turkish Vans have been winning hearts with ease.

Though often confused with Turkish Angoras, these two are distinct breeds, each with their own unique characteristics. The Turkish Van cats stand out with their surprising love for water—quite the rarity among their species—and their notable smarts make them as engaging as they are playful.

If you’re in search of a clever cat companion who might just join you for a splash, the Turkish Van is an exceptional choice from the tapestry of Asian Cat Breeds.

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Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cat lounging peacefully inside a cozy room
Female Turkish Angora Weight8 – 12 lb
Male Turkish Angora Weight8 – 15 lb
Height9 – 14 inches
Body Length14 – 16 inches
Lifespan12 – 18 years
SheddingMedium – High
Energy LevelHigh
Affection LevelMedium – High

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), Turkish Angora cats most likely originate from Turkey—a fitting namesake for these exquisite animals. It is believed that their elegant long, white, silky-soft coats developed as an evolutionary advantage to keep them warm during the harsh Turkish winters.

A naturally occurring breed, the Turkish Angora has seen a surge in intentional breeding efforts over the past century, with a dedicated focus on preserving its pure and refined lineage.

Celebrated for their sweet-natured disposition, these cats embody gentleness and grace, making them an adorable and affectionate addition to any family.

If you desire a companion that exudes sweetness with every purr, the Turkish Angora stands out among Asian Cat Breeds for its serene beauty and loving heart.

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Snow lynx Bengal cat in a snowy environment
Female Bengal Weight8 – 10 lb
Male Bengal Weight10 – 15 lb
Height8 – 10 inches
Body Length14 – 18 inches
Lifespan12 – 16 years
Energy LevelMedium – High
Affection LevelHigh

The Bengal cat, a stunning example of hybrid vigor, earns its spot among Asian Cat Breeds thanks to its exotic ancestry. Officially developed in America, the Bengal would not exist without its wild counterpart from Asia—the Asian Leopard Cat.

In the 1960s, an innovative California breeder dared to blend the genes of domestic house cats with these wild felines, gifting us with the beautiful and striking Bengal. Accepted into The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1986, the Bengal is a modern addition to the feline family, especially when compared to other ancient breeds.

While their Asian Leopard Cat relatives tend toward the timid side, Bengal cats break the mold as fearless adventure-seekers, combining a love for exploration with the luxurious look of their wild forebears.

For those craving a touch of the wild wrapped in a sociable and energetic pet, the Bengal stands out as a remarkable, adventurous breed.

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a collage of different Asian cat breeds originated from Asia


Cats have a special way of capturing our hearts with their grace, mystery, and unending charisma. And when it comes to Asian cat breeds, there’s an extra dash of allure in their tales. Purring softly in the lap of luxury, some of these majestic felines once roamed the palaces and temples of Asia, admired for their elegance and treasured as emblems of good fortune. In this blog, we’ll take a magical journey through the rich tapestry of Asian cat breeds.

Each one boasts a cultural tapestry as vibrant and captivating as the places they hail from. Whether it’s the sleek Siamese, with its striking blue eyes and chatty nature, or the plush Persian, whose luxurious coat could rival the fanciest of shawls, these cats are steeped in history and splendor.

As we uncover the charms of these Asian cat breeds, remember that their beauty isn’t just skin-deep. Each breed has its own quirky personality, unique history, and cultural significance that’s been celebrated for generations. So, get ready to be whisked away on an enchanting voyage to discover the feline wonders that Asia has to offer.

It’s not just about admiring their stunning looks; it’s about appreciating the stories they carry and the joy they can bring to our lives. Here’s a peek at the delightfully diverse world of Asian cat breeds, where every whisker twitch and tail swish tells a story worth hearing.