Korat Names: Find a Moniker as Mesmerizing as Your Cat

Welcome, fellow feline enthusiasts, to our comprehensive article dedicated to helping you find the perfect name for your new family member—a charming Korat cat!

Choosing a name for your Korat cat doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and with our extensive list of 250+ names, you’re sure to find just the right fit.

In this article, we’ve meticulously curated a variety of categories of cat names catering to every conceivable naming preference.

So, sit back, get cozy with your Korat cat by your side, and let’s explore the wonderful world of names together! Get ready to discover the perfect way to introduce your perfect pal to the world.

Adorable korat with beautiful green eyes

How To Select a Name for Your Korat

Bringing home a Korat cat is an exciting moment. These enchanting felines, with their shimmering silver-blue coats, heart-shaped faces, and vivid green eyes, are not just a delight to behold but also affectionate companions.

When it comes to naming your new family member, you want a moniker that reflects their breed’s unique characteristics and your cat’s individual personality. Here are thoughtful steps to help you choose a name that is just as special as your Korat cat.

Understand Your Cat’s Breed

Firstly, dive into understanding the Korat’s heritage. Originating from Thailand, Korat cats are often considered good luck charms and are surrounded by fascinating folklore and tradition.

Their Thai origin might inspire you to consider names that have significance in Thai culture or are derived from Thai language, paying homage to your cat’s roots.

Consider Your Cat’s Personality

Every cat has its quirks and characteristics that set it apart. Spend some time observing your Korat’s behavior. Is your cat playful and mischievous or calm and contemplative?

Aligning the name with your cat’s personality can lead to a fitting choice that can be a great conversation starter with fellow cat enthusiasts.

Take Inspiration from Their Appearance

Korat cats have distinct physical features that could spark naming ideas. Their silvery fur and radiant eyes are particularly striking.

You might want to name your cat after gemstones or elements that mirror their coat’s unique luster, or after historical figures known for their striking looks or dignified presence.

Think About Ease of Use

Consider how the name rolls off the tongue. It should be easy to pronounce, especially when calling your cat across the room, and not too similar to the everyday commands or names of household members to avoid confusion.

Testing out how it sounds when spoken aloud can often eliminate choices or confirm the perfect fit.

Look to the Future

A kitten’s name may be adorable but remember that they will grow into an adult cat. Names that are cute for a kitten might not suit a full-grown feline.

Choose a name that will grow with your pet and continue to fit their stature and demeanor throughout their life.

Get to Know Your Cat

Don’t rush the naming process. It’s okay to take a few days to get to know your cat and to try out various names. Observe how they respond when you call them with different names. Often, you’ll find that a particular name just clicks, both for you and your furry friend.

Embrace the Fun of Naming

Lastly, remember that naming your Korat cat is one of the many joys of pet ownership. Have fun with it! Names can be whimsical, inspired by your favorite books, movies, or historical figures, or even a play on words. What matters most is that it feels right to you and suits your cat.

Korat cat gray short haired

Names for a Male Korat

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your male Korat cat, you want something that reflects their shimmering blue-grey coats and their intelligent, gentle nature.

Korat males are known for their loyalty and affection, often forming strong bonds with their families. Their names should be a match for their distinguished and loving personalities.

1. Sterling2. Merlin3. Asher
4. Cobalt5. Sable6. Earl Grey
7. Zephyr8. Nimbus9. Zenith
10. Eclipse11. Graphite12. Mystic
13. Bolt14. Slate15. Neptune
16. Galaxy17. Admiral18. Knight
19. Marquis20. Maverick21. Onyx
22. Phantom23. Quantum24. Quest
25. Rhythm26. Thunder27. Titan
28. Valiant29. Wizard30. Xander
31. Yonder32. Zane33. Orion
34. Midnight35. Flint36. Indigo
37. Jet38. Neo39. Ocean
40. Pounce41. Questar42. Racer
43. Spirit44. Turbo45. Vortex
46. Whisker47. Zephyr48. Argent
49. Nimbus50. Zenon51. Cypher

Names like Sterling and Asher emphasize their silvery coats and exude a certain regal presence that is so characteristic of the Korat cat breed.

Each of these names has been carefully selected to mirror the enchanting charm of your male Korat cat.

Purebred Korat dark silver coat

Names for Female Korat Cat

Female Korat cats are appreciated for their elegance, playful behavior, and soothing presence in any household.

When naming your female Korat, considering her poised demeanor and striking appearance can guide you toward a name that encapsulates her beauty and grace.

1. Sapphire2. Luna3. Misty
4. Willow5. Velvet6. Seraphina
7. Harmony8. Iris9. Jade
10. Celeste11. Opal12. Pearl
13. Aurora14. Crystal15. Diva
16. Essie17. Felicity18. Glimmer
19. Hazel20. Isla21. Jewel
22. Kismet23. Locket24. Mosaic
25. Nova26. Ophelia27. Paisley
28. Queenie29. Rhapsody30. Skye
31. Tinsel32. Unity33. Viva
34. Whisper35. Xylia36. Yara
37. Zinnia38. Amethyst39. Bliss
40. Chantilly41. Dahlia42. Ember
43. Fawn44. Gypsy45. Haven
46. Ivory47. Jasmine48. Kiara
49. Liana50. Marina51. Nala

Names like Sapphire and Luna pay homage to the Korat’s often compared to the moon-like glow of their fur, while names such as Harmony and Glimmer reflect their delicate and engaging nature.

Choosing a name like Seraphina or Velvet can also emphasize the luxurious and soft texture of their coat. These names for your female Korat have been selected to epitomize both her inner and outer beauty.

Wild And Exotic Names for Korat Cats

Korat cats, with their striking appearance and mysterious origins from Thailand, deserve names that match their exotic allure.

When considering a name for your Korat cat, you might want to lean towards something that celebrates the unique, wild spirit that they encapsulate as well as their prestigious heritage.

1. Maverik2. Zara3. Kodiak
4. Azura5. Cairo6. Drako
7. Elektra8. Falcor9. Geronimo
10. Havoc11. Inca12. Jumanji
13. Kairo14. Loki15. Maestro
16. Nefertiti17. Okami18. Pandora
19. Quasar20. Ra21. Saber
22. Talon23. Ulysses24. Valkyrie
25. Wicca26. Xenon27. Yakuza
28. Zephyrus29. Ares30. Banshee
31. Cicada32. Diablo33. Evolet
34. Fang35. Griffin36. Hydra
37. Icarus38. Jinx39. Khan
40. Lycan41. Mowgli42. Naga
43. Onyxia44. Pyro45. Runa
46. Sphinx47. Triton48. Voodoo
49. Wyrm50. Xanadu51. Yeti

Each wild and exotic name is rich with character, embodying the profound sense of wonder that surrounds these magnificent felines.

Names Based on Appearance of Korat Cats

Given the Korat cat’s distinct coloration and physique, it’s only fitting that their names reflect their visual characteristics. Sleek, with heart-shaped faces and perceptive green eyes, these felines carry an aesthetic charm that is both striking and endearing.

1. Smokey2. Graphite3. Shadow
4. Silverbell5. Bluebell6. Moonbeam
7. Pewter8. Stormy9. Glacier
10. Grizzle11. Foggy12. Mist
13. Puddle14. Smudge15. Dusty
16. Dusky17. Twinkle18. Haze
19. Silhouette20. Mica21. Charcoal
22. Cinder23. Iron24. Whisper
25. Chrome26. Steel27. Flint
28. Frost29. Shimmer30. Cloud
31. Feather32. Ghost33. Vapor
34. Tarnish35. Glisten36. Crisp
37. Speckle38. Stone39. Gossamer
40. Sheen41. Gleam42. Flicker
43. Gloss44. Wisp45. Silk
46. Sparkle47. Shade48. Twilight
49. Marble50. Alloy51. Nebula

Names like Smokey or Graphite pay tribute to the Korat’s lustrous silver-blue coat, while Green or Emerald celebrate their expressive eyes.

Each name in this category has been meticulously chosen to match the elegant and distinctive appearance of the breed, serving as a daily reminder of their natural beauty.

Unique Names for Korat Cats

For those who seek distinctiveness beyond the ordinary, these unique names for Korat cats break away from the typical and venture into the imaginative and inspired. Your Korat is one-of-a-kind, and their name should be just as special as they are.

1. Quasar2. Borealis3. Calypso
4. Decibel5. Echo6. Fjord
7. Gossamer8. Helix9. Ion
10. Jive11. Kozmo12. Labyrinth
13. Maelstrom14. Nebula15. Odyssey
16. Pixel17. Quixotic18. Riddle
19. Solstice20. Tesseract21. Utopia
22. Verve23. Whirlwind24. Xeno
25. Zenith26. Axiom27. Bijou
28. Cipher29. Dervish30. Eureka
31. Finale32. Gala33. Hypernova
34. Infinity35. Jargon36. Karma
37. Mirage38. Nimbus39. Oracle
40. Paradox41. Quill42. Reverie
43. Synapse44. Triad45. Vortex
46. Warp47. Xenith48. Yonder
49. Zephyr50. Accolade51. Brevity

With names like Borealis and Calypso, your Korat will stand out not only for its compelling coat but also for its unique moniker that defies expectations.

Names such as Echo and Gossamer hint at an ethereal quality that perfectly matches the grace of the Korat, while Quixotic and Zenith suggest a distinction that aligns with this breed’s peculiar charm.

Every unique name has been thoughtfully tailored to signify the singularity of your cherished feline companion.

Korat cat gray short haired


Naming your Korat cat is a delightful and creative process, reflecting their natural grace, mysterious origins, and standout personality. Whether you select a name based on its dazzling appearance, inventive personality, or exotic lineage, it’s sure to capture the essence of your feline friend.

Have fun exploring these options and select a name that resonates with you and your cat – may it be the stepping stone to countless memories and cherished moments with your Korat cat.