Naming a Himalayan Cat: Do It The Right Way!

Welcome to the perfect world of feline monikers, where choosing the right name for your new Himalayan cat is as delightful as watching them chase a playful feather toy.

With their regal demeanor, piercing blue eyes, and luxurious coats, Himalayan cats, also known as ‘Himmies’, deserve names that are just as majestic and beautiful as they are.

Our comprehensive guide delves into over 250 handpicked cat names, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your elegant companion. Let’s find the name that’s as exceptional as your Himalayan cat’s loving purr and distinctive charm.

Himalayan cat breed on sofa

How to Select a Name for Your Himalayan

Choosing a name for your new Himalayan cat is a delightful yet impactful decision. These majestic creatures, with their luxurious fur, piercing blue eyes, and gentle demeanor, deserve a name that captures their elegance and unique personality.

Here’s how to select the perfect name for your Himalayan cat:

Consider the Breed’s Origins

Himalayan cats are a cross between Persian and Siamese breeds, and their names can reflect their exotic origins. Think about names inspired by the Himalayan region or names that resonate with the Persian or Siamese heritage.

For instance, names like “Lhotse,” after the fourth highest mountain in the world in the Himalayas, or “Anahita,” a Persian water goddess, are both culturally rich and relevant.

Look at Their Appearance

The striking look of your cat could serve as inspiration for their name. Himalayans typically have a color-point coat, which means they have darker colors on their ears, face, paws, and tail.

Names like “Mocha,” “Cocoa,” or “Espresso” may suit a chocolate point Himalayan. If your cat has a particularly fluffy or luxurious coat, whimsical names like “Fluffy,” “Silky,” or “Velvet” could be great fits.

Pay Attention to Personality

Every cat has its own unique demeanor. Your Himalayan’s behavior can give you insight into the perfect name. Is she regal and poised, or is he a rambunctious bundle of energy?

Consider names like “Majesty” or “Queen” for a dignified feline, or “Zippy” or “Dash” for one that’s full of spunk and playfulness.

Choose a Name That Fits Your Style

The name you select reflects not just your cat’s identity but also your taste and sense of humor.

If you enjoy literature, perhaps name your cat “Gatsby” or “Sylvia” after your favorite authors or characters. Movie buffs might like “Gandalf” or “Leia” for their Himalayan’s dramatic flair.

And if you fancy a bit of humor, every “Chairman Meow” or “Catrick Swayze” is guaranteed to bring a smile to guests’ faces.

Keep It Practical

Remember that the chosen name will be used frequently, so it should be easy to say and maybe even easier for your cat to recognize.

Ideally, it should be two syllables long and end with a vowel or a sharp consonant sound to catch your cat’s attention.

Don’t choose a name that’s too similar to common commands or other pets’ names to avoid confusion.

Test the Name

Before finalizing your decision, test the name out for a few days to see if it feels right. Call your cat by the name and see if there’s any recognition or response.

Sometimes, you need to spend some time with your new pet before the perfect name comes to you.

Himalayan cat with beautiful blue eyes

Names for Male Himalayan Cat

Choosing the perfect male name for a Himalayan cat can be a delightful challenge. These regal felines, known for their luxurious coats and striking blue eyes, deserve a name that reflects their sophisticated charm.

The Himalayan cat, often referred to as “Himmies,” is a breed that brings together the best of two worlds – the Persian’s sweetness and the Siamese’s intelligence. With that in mind, a well-chosen name can become an extension of their plush personas and distinctive characteristics.

1. Sultan26. Aspen
2. Everest27. Jasper
3. Himal28. Lancelot
4. Kashmir29. Mystic
5. Leo30. Noble
6. Sherpa31. Orion
7. Zenith32. Pasha
8. Marley33. Quest
9. Merlin34. Romeo
10. Apollo35. Simba
11. Blizzard36. Tenzing
12. Cobalt37. Ulysses
13. Dante38. Valiant
14. Echo39. Winston
15. Frost40. Zephyr
16. Gatsby41. Achilles
17. Huxley42. Boreas
18. Indigo43. Caspian
19. Jagger44. Donovan
20. Kipling45. Eros
21. Lysander46. Finn
22. Mocha47. Gandalf
23. Nimbus48. Hendrix
24. Oberon49. Icarus
25. Phoenix50. Jinx

Names for a Female Himalayan

When it comes to naming your female Himalayan cat, it’s ideal to select a moniker that embodies her grace and elegance. Female Himmies, with their soft, flowing coats and gentle demeanors, are the embodiment of feline femininity.

They carry themselves with an air of royalty that only a name as melodious and lovely as they are can match. When choosing the right name for your Himalayan princess, consider the rich cultural heritage she hails from and the majestic mountains she’s named after.

1. Anastasia26. Lotus
2. Bijou27. Mira
3. Celeste28. Nova
4. Delilah29. Opal
5. Esmeralda30. Pearl
6. Flora31. Quin
7. Giselle32. Rosa
8. Henna33. Sapphire
9. Isolde34. Tiana
10. Jasmine35. Utopia
11. Kallista36. Valencia
12. Liana37. Willow
13. Magnolia38. Xenia
14. Nala39. Yara
15. Ophelia40. Zara
16. Pandora41. Aphrodite
17. Queenie42. Brielle
18. Rhapsody43. Celine
19. Serenity44. Dulcie
20. Thalia45. Evie
21. Ulyana46. Freesia
22. Vivianna47. Greta
23. Wisteria48. Harmony
24. Xanthe49. Iris
25. Yasmine50. Jolene
Himalayan cat on sofa with light blue eyes

Wild And Exotic Names for Himalayan Cat

For a Himalayan cat with a bolder personality or for those captivated by wild and exotic titles, choosing a name that defies the norm can be an exciting endeavor. These cats often possess a unique charm and an independent spirit reminiscent of their wild counterparts.

Their majestic appearance, paired with an aura of mystery, lends itself to names that conjure images of distant lands and untamed wilderness. A wild and exotic name can be a nod to the cat’s adventurous spirit or a celebration of their otherworldly beauty.

1. Zephyrus26. Electra
2. Banyan27. Falcon
3. Calypso28. Gobi
4. Draco29. Horizon
5. Elara30. Inca
6. Fjord31. Java
7. Gaia32. Kairo
8. Hades33. Lyra
9. Indra34. Mowgli
10. Jinx35. Nubia
11. Kohana36. Odyssey
12. Loki37. Pacific
13. Maestro38. Quasar
14. Naiad39. Raja
15. Oberon40. Sahara
16. Phoenix41. Tigris
17. Quiver42. Ursa
18. Ravana43. Vento
19. Sable44. Wilder
20. Talon45. Xerxes
21. Umbra46. Yeti
22. Vortex47. Zulu
23. Wisp48. Akira
24. Xylon49. Borealis
25. Ymir50. Cygnus

Based on Appearance Names for Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are striking creatures with plush coats, vibrant blue eyes, and unique color points. When selecting a name based on their appearance, you can draw inspiration from their stunning visual traits.

Names that reflect the softness and tone of their fur, the depth and hue of their eyes, or their overall ethereal presence can be particularly fitting for these resplendent felines.

A Himalayan’s name based on appearance will not only highlight their physical beauty but can also serve as a daily reminder of their radiant and captivating aesthetics.

1. Azure26. Opulence
2. Bluebell27. Paisley
3. Cocoa28. Quartz
4. Dapple29. Ripple
5. Ember30. Sienna
6. Fawn31. Topaz
7. Glacier32. Umber
8. Hazel33. Velvet
9. Ivory34. Whisker
10. Jewel35. Xanadu
11. Kahlua36. Yolk
12. Lush37. Zinnia
13. Marble38. Amber
14. Nebula39. Blossom
15. Oyster40. Chinchilla
16. Puff41. Dewdrop
17. Quartz42. Eclipse
18. Rosette43. Fleece
19. Smudge44. Glimmer
20. Tawny45. Honey
21. Umber46. Icy
22. Velvet47. Jasmine
23. Willow48. Kismet
24. Xena49. Lagoon
25. Yule50. Mosaic

Unique Names for Himalayan Cat

For a breed as distinctive as the Himalayan cat, sometimes only a unique name will do. These cats, with their opulent fur and regal demeanor, are the perfect candidates for names that are as one-of-a-kind as they are.

Unique names stand out from the common and the every day, gently reflecting the individuality of your pet.

A distinctive name can come from mythology or contemporary pop culture, and it will guarantee that your Himalayan will be recognized wherever they go, as befits their remarkable ancestry.

1. Alchemy26. Nebulo
2. Boheme27. Orenda
3. Cosmo28. Pavo
4. Decibel29. Quixote
5. Echo30. Reverie
6. Fable31. Starling
7. Glyph32. Tundra
8. Helix33. Utopian
9. Io34. Verve
10. Jovian35. Whimsy
11. Kinetic36. Xenon
12. Lyric37. Yonder
13. Mosaic38. Zephyr
14. Nexus39. Arcade
15. Oracle40. Bravado
16. Pixel41. Crescendo
17. Quantum42. Driftwood
18. Rune43. Elixir
19. Solstice44. Fandango
20. Tesseract45. Gala
21. Ulysses46. Halo
22. Vandal47. Incantation
23. Warp48. Jamboree
24. Xylo49. Kairo
25. Yokel50. Labyrinth
Himalayan cat breed on sofa


Naming your cat is not just for the novelty of it. This name will stick with your pet for life and will be part of its identity. Pick something that will hold its charm and relevance as your feline grows older.

By following these tips, selecting a name for your Himalayan cat should be an enjoyable process. Whether you choose something enchanting, whimsical, or downright regal, make sure it’s a name that you’ll love calling out for years to come.