Oriental Shorthair Cat Names: Sleek Names for a Sleek Breed!

If you are the lucky owner of an exquisite Oriental Shorthair cat, you have come to the correct place to discover a name that is as unique and sophisticated as your feline buddy. We are happy to help you come up with the appropriate name for your feline friend.

Today, we’re excited to share with you over 250+ curated names that will suit any cat, with a special spotlight on Oriental Shorthair cat names. If you want some generic cat names check out our cat names article to get inspired even more!

Come snuggle with your Oriental Shorthair and browse our vast selection of names that will capture its beauty, mystique, and personality.

Let us start this lovely journey to pick a name as unique as your four-legged family member!

Oriental shorthair cat sitting on couch

Selecting the Perfect Name for Your Oriental Shorthair Cat

Choosing a name for your new Oriental Shorthair cat is an exciting adventure that lets you express their individuality, grace, and refined demeanor. Oriental shorthairs are known for their elegant coat, big ears, and loving personalities; thus, their name should be as unique as they are. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the best name for your sweetheart.

Consider Their Personality

Oriental shorthairs are renowned for their social and outgoing personalities. They are often described as extroverts in the cat world and are known for being vocal and interactive. Observe your cat’s behavior.

Do they have a particular quirk that stands out or a hobby they seem to be fond of? Naming your cat based on their most notable personality traits can be both fitting and endearing.

For example, if your cat is particularly chatty, a name that signifies communication or is associated with famous orators or characters known for their speech might be suitable.

Reflect on Their Appearance

Oriental shorthairs have a distinct and elegant look. With their fine-boned structure and a multitude of color variations and patterns, their appearance can serve as great inspiration for their name.

Do they have a striking coat color or pattern that reminds you of something or someone?

Drawing inspiration from their physical attributes is not only practical but can also lead to some creative and descriptive names that are a nod to their beautiful characteristics.

Dive Into Their Heritage

The history and origins of the Oriental Shorthair breed can also offer a rich tapestry of naming ideas. With roots tracing back to Thailand (formerly Siam), exploring names that pay homage to their heritage could be a remarkable way of celebrating their breed.

Think about names that have a Thai origin or are based on the geography, folklore, or illustrious historical figures of the area.

Avoid Trendy or Overcomplicated Names

While it might be tempting to go for the most popular or trending names, or those that are overly complex, remember that you’ll be using this name every day.

Avoid names that can be tricky for your family to say or that are too complicated. A name’s longevity and charm depend on its simplicity.

Moreover, these cats respond best to shorter names that are easy to recognize. A two-syllable name tends to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and distinctiveness.

Try the Name Out Loud

You should try saying the name out loud a few times to make sure it sounds natural, and think about how it will sound when you call your cat during meal times or when you are looking for them around the house, because our pets tend to take on the names we give them.

Oriental shorthair cat black eyes

Names for Male Oriental Shorthair Cats

Finding the perfect name for your male Oriental Shorthair cat can be a big decision. These cats are known for their sleek appearance and playful personalities, making the name-finding process all the more important.

A names should resonate with their elegant stature and expressive nature. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s classic, modern, or just plain cool, there’s something special about finding a name that suits your feline friend perfectly.

Here is a collection of creative names that are appropriate for the sturdy yet trim male Oriental Shorthair, taking into consideration the breed’s particular characteristics and personality.

1. Jasper18. Orion35. Mocha
2. Felix19. Paws36. Echo
3. Milo20. Nimbus37. Phantom
4. Asher21. Blaze38. Neo
5. Theo22. Jett39. Gatsby
6. Ziggy23. Kai40. Arrow
7. Simon24. Hades41. Caesar
8. Ollie25. Merlin42. Sterling
9. Levi26. Knight43. Tux
10. Binx27. Onyx44. Flint
11. Cosmo28. Quartz45. Aspen
12. Atlas29. Rocco46. Marbles
13. Loki30. Sable47. Buzz
14. Hugo31. Zephyr48. Shadow
15. Max32. Griffin49. Cobalt
16. Dexter33. Ivan50. Eclipse
17. Spike34. Basil51. Maverick

Names for Female Oriental Shorthair Cats

An Oriental Shorthair female cat carries an air of mystery and grace with her wherever she goes. From her sleek silhouette to her almond-shaped eyes, she has a beauty that demands a name as lovely as her presence.

Names for these elegant creatures often capture their exotic heritage and delicate appearance. As you search for that perfect moniker, consider a name that encompasses her poise as well as her vibrant, affectionate personality.

These elegant, feminine names for female Oriental Shorthairs are hand-picked to bring out your cat’s regal spirit while also honoring her uniqueness and beauty. We hope you will find a name that captivates just as much as she does.

1. Luna18. Dahlia35. Sapphire
2. Cleo19. Misty36. Opal
3. Zoe20. Aurora37. Willow
4. Bella21. Ruby38. Iris
5. Nala22. Pearl39. Ember
6. Sophia23. Jasmine40. Freya
7. Gigi24. Gypsy41. Harmony
8. Esme25. Olive42. Twinkle
9. Layla26. Velvet43. Pixie
10. Chloe27. Bianca44. Lotus
11. Dahlia28. Sienna45. Echo
12. Ellie29. Tessa46. Fawn
13. Angel30. Zara47. Nova
14. Lulu31. Lila48. Bambi
15. Mimi32. Kiki49. Diva
16. Daphne33. Vivi50. Athena
17. Stella34. Cookie51. Electra
Black Oriental Shorthair

Wild And Exotic Names for Oriental Shorthair Cats

The Oriental Shorthair breed, with its distinctive features and striking looks, deserves a name that encapsulates its wild and exotic essence. These cats, with their long, slender bodies and large ears, often bear a resemblance to their wild ancestors and carry an air of the exotic.

The following is a list of wild and exotic names that may be appropriate for an Oriental Shorthair cat. The names are derived from various mythologies, exotic locations, and the natural world, and they pay homage to the breed’s graceful mystique while praising its enchanting allure.

1. Raja18. Phoenix35. Sahara
2. Indra19. Sirocco36. Kairo
3. Zen20. Zulu37. Rio
4. Tiger21. Bali38. Congo
5. Kali22. Mirage39. Everest
6. Loki23. Pandora40. Akira
7. Mowgli24. Samurai41. Nile
8. Nala25. Voodoo42. Orion
9. Java26. Karma43. Gobi
10. Cairo27. Zenith44. Tarzan
11. Bindi28. Dynasty45. Shaman
12. Zephyr29. Cairo46. Tundra
13. Yara30. Havana47. Quasar
14. Maestro31. Tiber48. Tangier
15. Savannah32. Atlas49. Thane
16. Rogue33. Bengal50. Kodiak
17. Mystic34. Draco51. Dune

Names Based on Appearance for Oriental Shorthair Cats

The Oriental Shorthair’s striking looks – from their long, slender bodies and fine boning to their large, almond-shaped eyes and vivid colorations – can serve as the perfect inspiration for their name.

They are a breed that captures attention with their sleek coats and dramatic features, and their names can reflect these distinct physical attributes.

Whether you’re inspired by their svelte elegance, their sleek fur, or the intensity of their gaze, these names are picked to match the stunning appearance of the Oriental Shorthair cat.

A name that emphasizes their attractiveness might be a great way to pay tribute to the breed’s captivating appearance and eye-catching personality.

1. Shadow18. Velvet35. Cobalt
2. Smokey19. Dainty36. Paprika
3. Slate20. Glossy37. Topaz
4. Silky21. Amber38. Patches
5. Slim22. Raven39. Garnet
6. Sapphire23. Swirl40. Frosty
7. Noir24. Ember41. Glacier
8. Shimmer25. Sparkle42. Hazel
9. Olive26. Onyx43. Jet
10. Tawny27. Sunny44. Mosaic
11. Mink28. Speckle45. Bandit
12. Peaches29. Cocoa46. Pimento
13. Pearl30. Russet47. Mist
14. Rusty31. Sepia48. Almond
15. Ivory32. Toffee49. Chardonnay
16. Fawn33. Sable50. Tinsel
17. Ginger34. Sienna51. Oreo

Unique Names for Oriental Shorthair Cats

The Oriental Shorthair is a breed that turns heads with its distinctive appearance and spirited temperament. This makes it well-suited for a unique name that stands out just as much as the breed itself.

Unique names can be derived from a variety of sources, such as foreign languages, literary works, or even celestial bodies – the sky is the limit.

Here are some unique names that are as lively and imaginative as your Oriental Shorthair cat’s personality and looks—perfect for capturing attention and adding an air of mystery, much like the breed itself.

1. Astra18. Jinx35. Quantum
2. Zephyrus19. Huxley36. Zinnia
3. Elixir20. Inari37. Calypso
4. Fable21. Kepler38. Io
5. Rune22. Lyric39. Juniper
6. Vortex23. Maelstrom40. Nebula
7. Brio24. Nectar41. Odyssey
8. Solstice25. Onyxia42. Pandora
9. Tempest26. Ptolemy43. Pavo
10. Vesper27. Quasar44. Peridot
11. Yule28. Rhapsody45. Quill
12. Zuri29. Serendipity46. Runic
13. Nimbus30. Thalassa47. Saffron
14. Orion31. Ulysses48. Tarragon
15. Pyxis32. Vivaldi49. Umbra
16. Quest33. Whimsy50. Vega
17. Arcadia34. Xanthe51. Zephyrette
Oriental shorthair cat sitting on couch


Choosing the right name for your Oriental Shorthair can be a delightful yet daunting task. With their unique personalities and stunning looks, these cats deserve names that are just as remarkable as they are.

Whether you choose a name inspired by their elegance, a wild and exotic moniker, or something unique, your Oriental Shorthair’s name will speak volumes about this fascinating breed.

By taking the time to select a name that fits your cat’s character and appearance, you create a special bond and give your pet an identity that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We hope our comprehensive lists have sparked some inspiration and made the naming process a bit easier. Cat’s out of the bag – your Oriental Shorthair is ready to be called by its new, purr-fect name!