Best Names For a Cornish Rex: Pick a Name That Matches This Breed

Welcome to the purr-fect place for all cat enthusiasts searching for the ideal name for their charming Cornish Rex cat! Known for its soft, wavy coat and spirited personality, the Cornish Rex is a breed that deserves a moniker as distinctive as its appearance.

Navigating through the sea of potential names for your sleek feline friend can be overwhelming, so we’ve curated a list of over 250 cat names to inspire your choice.

In this article, you’ll uncover Cornish Rex cat names that are as unique and captivating as your new furry companion.

Whether you’re looking for a name that’s classic, contemporary, exotic, or simply whimsical, we’ve got you covered.

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Finding the Right Name for Your Cornish Rex

When it comes to selecting a name for your Cornish Rex, the choices can feel as unique and original as the breed itself.

Known for their wavy coats, lithe bodies, and pixie-like features, these cats possess a certain ethereal quality that deserves a name to match.

Whether you are a new Cornish Rex owner or just looking to rename your feline companion, here are some tips to help you pick the perfect moniker.

Consider the Cat’s Personality

Cornish Rex cats are often described as playful, intelligent, and active. They love to engage with their human companions and have a kitten-like demeanor that can last well into adulthood. When selecting a name, think about your cat’s distinct personality traits.

Is your cat particularly mischievous, or does it have an aristocratic air? Pick a name that captures these attributes, as this will help reinforce the unique connection you have with your pet.

Look Into Breed History and Origin

Drawing inspiration from the breed’s history and origins can be a wonderful starting point. The Cornish Rex originated in Cornwall, England, so you might consider British names that reflect that heritage.

Additionally, the ‘Rex’ suffix, originally taken from the Latin word for “king,” suggests a regalness that might inspire you to explore names related to royalty or mythology that connote a certain nobility or grandeur.

Physical Characteristics

Their distinctive appearance, with soft, curly fur, elegant curves, and large, bat-like ears, lends itself to creative naming.

You might select a name that comments on their unique coat or sleek physique. Alternatively, their unique coloring could guide your choice; if your cat has a standout color, use it as inspiration.

The Art of Sound

Cats often respond better to certain types of sounds. Names with sibilant consonants or that end in a long “e” sound are reported to be more cat-friendly, potentially catching your Cornish Rex’s attention more easily.

Use this knowledge to choose a name that’s not only stylish but also practical for your interactions.

Cultural References and Personal Interests

You might want to consider names that align with your interests. If you’re a fan of literature, science, art, or history, picking a name related to these fields can add a personal touch.

A Cornish Rex with particularly wave-like fur might be named after a famous artist or a character from your favorite novel with a similarly whimsical or elegant persona.

Future-proofing the Name

Remember that what may seem like a fun or cute name now should still feel appropriate as your cat matures.

Think about how the name will age with your cat, ensuring it will suit them throughout all stages of life, from an energetic kitten to a dignified senior.

Test It Out

Before you settle on a name, try it out for a few days to see how it fits. Say it out loud, call your cat using it, and observe how the name makes you feel.

If after a few days, it feels like a good match, you’ve likely found the right name.

Selecting a name for your Cornish Rex is a special task that can enhance your bond and reflect your cat’s characteristics.

Take your time, be creative, and most of all, have fun with the process! Your Cornish Rex is a one-of-a-kind companion, and their name should be just as special.

Playful Cornish rex kitten cute

Names for Male Cornish Rex

When it comes to selecting a name for your male Cornish Rex, it’s important to choose one that echoes his lively personality and elegant appearance.

These cats are known for their playful antics and curly fur, which sets them apart from other feline breeds.

Below, you will find a curated list of unique names that befit the enchanting characteristics of male Cornish Rex cats.

Each name is thoughtfully picked to represent the charming and whimsical nature that these fine creatures possess.

1. Whiskerio18. Curly King35. Silky Sam
2. Velvet Prince19. Frizzle36. Mischief Max
3. Bouncy Bert20. Zephyr37. Dapper Dexter
4. Pouncival21. Luxor38. Whisper
5. Spiral Spock22. Echo39. Tumble Ted
6. Jester23. Gizmo40. Noble Nero
7. Rascal Reese24. Marbles41. Pixie Pete
8. Quirky Quinn25. Flint42. Cobweb
9. Hopper26. Twist43. Jinx
10. Twirl27. Skipper44. Vortex
11. Flicker28. Astro45. Breeze
12. Tizzy29. Quicksilver46. Caper
13. Zest30. Orbit47. Whirly
14. Rocket31. Merlin48. Dynamic Duke
15. Rebel32. Jasper49. Milo Moire
16. Zip33. Captain50. Rad Ruffles
17. Twister34. Charmer51. Swift

Names for Female Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a breed of domestic cat known for its striking features and active nature. Deciding on the perfect name for your female Cornish Rex cat should reflect her elegance, agility, and the breed’s distinctive appearance.

The following compilation of names is tailored to showcase the dainty yet whimsical essence characteristic of Cornish Rex females.

From soft and sweet to bold and playful, you’ll find an array of names that embody the beauty and spirited personality that these cats exhibit in abundance.

1. Sassy Sienna18. Twinkle Toes35. Coquette
2. Buttons19. Gossamer36. Melody
3. Curlicue20. Rosette37. Harmony
4. Whimsy21. Paprika38. Lacey
5. Briolette22. Vixen39. Frilly Faye
6. Charm23. Crystal40. Zara Zest
7. Diva Dazzle24. Dainty41. Calypso
8. Elfin25. Frou-Frou42. Serendipity
9. Bambina26. Moxie43. Wisp
10. Minuet27. Nectar44. Tinsel
11. Taffeta28. Opaline45. Flutter
12. Glitter29. Pixie46. Zephyrette
13. Sprinkles30. Rumba47. Peony
14. Velvetina31. Sonnet48. Bijou
15. Flirt32. Topaz49. Whirlwind Wendy
16. Jewel33. Vivacious50. Prisma
17. Meringue34. Angelique51. Heiress

Wild And Exotic Names for Cornish Rex Cats

The Cornish Rex breed, with its natural elegance and exotic appearance, deserves a name as wild and intriguing as the cat itself.

The names listed here draw inspiration from all corners of the globe, from the depths of the jungle to the mystery of ancient myths.

These wild and exotic names aim to mirror the untamed spirit and striking allure of Cornish Rex cats. Whether your feline companion is more like a jungle adventurer or carries the mystique of exotic lands, these names are sure to set them apart and celebrate their unique traits.

1. Sahara18. Mystique35. Zulu
2. Phoenix19. Tigris36. Aztec
3. Voodoo20. Mirage37. Giza
4. Maestro21. Zaire38. Mojave
5. Kismet22. Cobra39. Sirocco
6. Orion23. Chakra40. Solstice
7. Taboo24. Shaman41. Serengeti
8. Congo25. Bengal42. Nefertiti
9. Sable26. Zephyrus43. Caravan
10. Persia27. Drifter44. Tundra
11. Nomad28. Odyssey45. Puma
12. Sphinx29. Sultan46. Casbah
13. Chianti30. Samurai47. Thicket
14. Raja31. Typhoon48. Fjord
15. Pegasus32. Amazon49. Veldt
16. Lotus33. Sequoia50. Zanzibar
17. Tempest34. Kodiak51. Kalahari
Cornish rex breed profile portrait

Names Based on Appearance for Cornish

With their marceled fur, long legs, and slender bodies, Cornish Rex cats are nothing short of striking in appearance. A name for your cat that is drawn from their unique look can be a perfect fit.

These names pay tribute to the distinctive qualities that make the Cornish Rex stand out – from the texture of their coat to the curve in their body – each name is a nod to their physical characteristics.

For a cat with such an eye-catching silhouette, why not choose a name that celebrates the unique visual attributes of this beloved breed?

1. Ripple18. Pixie Dust35. Porcelain
2. Swirl19. Pearly36. Wavy
3. Satin20. Twinkle37. Slim Shady
4. Glossy21. Frosting38. Hazy
5. Velvet22. Gloss39. Beanstalk
6. Marble23. Tinsel40. Stiletto
7. Sleek24. Plush41. Skinny Mini
8. Dainty25. Slim Jim42. Wispy
9. Curvy26. Sparkle43. Elongate
10. Silhouette27. Sheen44. Finesse
11. Skinny28. Curvaceous45. Shiny
12. Silk29. Elegant46. Slimline
13. Shine30. Graceful47. Spindle
14. Moire31. Slender48. Streamline
15. Beam32. Glimmer49. Sleek Streak
16. Sleek33. Luna50. Pencil
17. Slinky34. Glow51. Twiggy

Unique Names for Cornish Rex Cats

Choosing a name for your Cornish Rex cat that is as distinctive as the breed itself can be a delightful endeavor.

The Cornish Rex, with its unique wavy coat and playful nature, is not your average cat and therefore, deserves a name that stands out.

The following collection of unique names has been hand-selected to resonate with the one-of-a-kind personality and appearance of these captivating felines.

Embrace the unusual, celebrate the quirky, and select a name that’s as unconventional and memorable as your Cornish Rex companion.

1. Zerlin18. Wispella35. Quillby
2. Eclipto19. Fiddlestick36. Vox
3. Miraggio20. Zephyrette37. Nimbo
4. Ombra21. Aquarelle38. Yonder
5. Quasar22. Friselle39. Zaffre
6. Bravada23. Marzipan40. Onyxia
7. Glissando24. Calico41. Zinnober
8. Soliloquy25. Bellini42. Kalamata
9. Breviloquent26. Kaleido43. Xanthe
10. Illusio27. Nebbiolo44. Nimbus
11. Mosaic28. Palindrome45. Equinox
12. Gossamer29. Riff46. Quixote
13. Questar30. Sibylline47. Zingaro
14. Andante31. Quibble48. Gaudi
15. Mezzotint32. Toccata49. Helix
16. Corundum33. Avidan50. Reverie
17. Limerick34. Zebrawood51. Svelte


Selecting the right name for your Cornish Rex cat is a personal and meaningful process that should be enjoyed as you get to know your furry friend’s true character.

Whether you’re drawn towards names that are regal and sophisticated, playful and spunky, or rare and distinguished, each title reflects a special aspect of your cat’s personality or appearance.

Take your time to choose a name that resonates with you and is a fitting tribute to your Cornish Rex’s unique traits.