Tabby Maine Coon: Unveiling the Beauty of Nature’s Masterpiece

When you catch a glimpse of the Tabby Maine Coon, it’s not just a moment of awe but an encounter with a living work of art. This majestic variant of the coons breed, with its striking patterns and grandeur, steals the hearts of cat enthusiasts around the globe.

What makes Tabby Variant truly unique are their well-defined stripes, swirls, and markings, complemented by their impressive size and friendly disposition.

As we continue, we’ll uncover their origins, what sets them apart from other cats, and even share insights on how you can become the proud owner of one of these magnificent creatures without breaking the bank.

Tabby Maine Coon cat's whiskers in macro detail

History of the Tabby Maine Coon

The Tabby Maine Coon’s lineage is steeped in legend and lore. One popular tale suggests that they are the offspring of long-haired domestic cats and Maine coons. Though biologically impossible, this myth charmingly alludes to their bushy tails and tabby markings.

Another suggests these cats were the cherished pets of Marie Antoinette, sent to America for safety during the French Revolution.

The truth might be less romantic but equally fascinating. Originating from the northeastern United States, specifically Maine, the Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.

The tabby pattern is as ancient as the breed itself, rooted in the breed’s need for camouflage and survival in the wild. These striking patterns likely helped them blend into their surroundings while hunting.

As for how they gained popularity, early cat shows in the late 19th century showcased these magnificent animals, and they quickly became sought after.

With their gentle disposition and rugged appearance, they enamored audiences and breeders alike, setting a precedent for cats with both beauty and brawn.

What makes them so desirable?

The desirability of a Tabby Maine Coon stems from multiple factors. Firstly, the aesthetic appeal of their fur pattern, replete with swirls, whorls, and the classic ‘M’ on their foreheads, is overwhelmingly captivating. The striking contrast in their fur coloration accentuates their powerful physique.

The quality and texture of fur in a Tabby Maine Coon are remarkable as well. Their coats are dense and water-resistant, reflecting the breed’s adaptation to harsh northeastern climates. This fur also plays a part in their charm, as it fluffs up to give these large cats an even more imposing aura.

Genetically, the tabby pattern is dominant in Maine Coons and adds an extra layer of allure due to its various manifestations: mackerel, classic, spotted, and ticked. Each pattern exudes uniqueness and contributes to their individuality.

The Tabby’s overall genetic robustness also furnishes them with good health and longevity, which adds to their appeal as pets.

Cute tabby Maine Coon kitten playing with yarn

What Color Are Their Eyes and Nose?

The Tabby Maine Coon’s eyes are frequently described as beacons that reflect their soul—typically gold or green, though they can also be copper or even odd-colored in some rare instances. A rectangular face with tufted ears and a nose that frequently matches the warm tones of their coat are home to these expressive eyes.

Their nose leather can vary from shade to shade but usually complements or contrasts with their tabby markings in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s these details, like the harmonious blend of colors across their features, that make the Tabby variant visually enchanting.

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Are Tabby Maine Coon Cats Rare?

While not exceedingly rare, certain tabby patterns within the Maine Coon breed can be less common than others.

The classic tabby pattern, with its whorls and swirls, can be slightly harder to find compared to the more ubiquitous mackerel pattern. However, fans of the breed adore and seek out both patterns.

Due to their popularity and certain color or pattern rarity among Tabby Coons, prices can vary significantly. It’s not unusual for well-bred kitten specimens with distinct tabby markings to command higher prices, given their desirability in the pet market.

These costs reflect not just the rarity but also the comprehensive care that goes into breeding healthy and sociable cats.

Elegant tabby Maine Coon sitting by the window

Top 10 Names for a Tabby Maine Coon

Choosing a name for your Tabby Coon can be a delightful endeavor when you consider their distinct markings and grand stature. A name can capture their persona or elegantly play off their characteristic appearance.

MarbleReflect the classic tabby swirls reminiscent of marble patterns.
TigerIt evokes images of wild stripes similar to a tiger’s majestic coat.
WhiskeyIt suits a cat with rich, warm tones in its fur.
SablePerfect for a cat with dark, luxurious fur like a sable.
AutumnFor a cat whose colors bring to mind fall leaves,.
PebbleFor those with a mottled or ticked pattern resembling pebbles on a beach.
ForestMimics the natural tones found in a lush forest setting.
BoltInspired by the lightning-like streaks on some tabby coats.
SierraIt suits a cat with shades of mountainous contours.
AmberA nod to the typical golden or coppery eye color.

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3 Unique Facts About Tabby Maine Coons

There are endless fascinating tidbits about Tabby Maine Coons, but here are three unique facts:

  1. Polydactyl Paws: Historically, this breed was polydactyl (having extra toes), and this trait was considered beneficial for hunting and climbing in snowy conditions.
  2. Mouse-Quelling “Trill”: The distinctive vocalization of the Maine Coon is a trilling sound; they use it as a friendly greeting or when they’re happy.
  3. Not Your Average Lap Cat: Despite being one of the largest domestic cat breeds, where males can grow very large, they are known as “gentle giants,” with a playful yet laid-back disposition that loves interaction.
Fluffy tabby Maine Coon about to groom its fur

How to Get a Tabby Maine Coon on a Budget!

You might be pondering adopting a Tabby Maine cun, but be wary of the potential expense. Fear not; it’s entirely possible to welcome someone into your home without emptying your wallet.

Consider adoption; shelters occasionally have purebred cats or mixes that exhibit many of the traits associated with Tabby Coons.

For those on tight budgets, platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can be spots where owners offer their cats for various reasons, sometimes at lower prices than breeders.

A word of caution: when adopting cats from these sources, it’s essential to ensure they’re healthy and come from loving environments.

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Majestic tabby Maine Coon portrait with a serious look


Tabby’s are a color variant of the coon breed and share the same traits and care requirements as the original Maine coon. Embracing a tabby into your life promises an enriching experience filled with affection and admiration.

From understanding their storied past to celebrating their captivating appearance and quirky traits, we’ve woven through what makes these cats an absolute delight to own.

You can count on receiving thick tufts of love interspersed with purrs and trills, whether you choose to breed or adopt this magnificent feline variation.