Cymric Cat Care Secrets: Boost Your Kitty’s Health

The Cymric Cat is a unique breed of cat originating from the Isle of Man. They are characterized by their round, heavy body and lack of tail. Not all kittens are born tailless; some have short stubby tails while others can be born with full-length tails. 

But the distinguishing feature that sets them apart from other cats is their long hind legs which give them an almost ‘bunny hop’ look when they walk!

These cats are incredibly intelligent animals so providing plenty of toys for them to play with is essential for keeping them happy and healthy! 

You may even find that your Cymric Cat enjoys playing fetch like a dog or teaching itself tricks like rolling over or jumping through hoops — just be sure

For those looking to provide the best possible care for their furry friend, this article is a must-read; with comprehensive information on diet, health, grooming, and more, you’ll be equipped to give your Cymric the loving home they deserve.

Breed Overview

The Cymric cat, also known as the longhaired Manx, is a unique breed of cat that has been around since at least 1750. Despite its name and origins coming from the Isle of Man, this distinctive breed is not related to any other kind of cat. 

Cymric cat long haired plush coat

It was initially bred on the island due to a natural genetic mutation that caused some cats to be born without tails. Over time and with careful breeding practices, this mutation was intensified until it became a distinct trait of the Cymric cats we know today.

Despite their lack of tails, these cats are no less agile than other breeds and they come in all shapes and sizes just like any other domesticated feline species.

In terms of appearance, they have medium-length fur which can range from soft and silky to thick and plush depending on their genes; however, most will exhibit one or two colors with white being the commonest among them. 

They also have short legs compared to most breeds which gives them an adorable “bobtail” look when walking or running about.

Their friendly nature makes them great family pets while their curiosity ensures they never get bored even when left alone at home during the day – making sure there’s always something fun waiting for you when you return! 

In addition to all these wonderful qualities, Cymrics are fairly easygoing when it comes to grooming needs too; weekly brushing should suffice along with occasional baths if your pet gets especially dirty during playtime! 

Last but certainly not least: although it may seem odd at first glance (or paw?) tail-less kitties benefit by maintaining a clean bottom – no need for wiping after every use of the litter box here!  

All in all, this makes Cymric an ideal choice for those seeking an affectionate companion who won’t require too much maintenance yet still provides hours upon hours’ worth of entertainment & love!

The Cymric cat is a beautiful and unique breed that comes in many color variations. From the classic black, brown, or chocolate to the more exotic cinnamon, blue, lilac, fawn, and red with cream accents; each coat has its special beauty. 

Silver and smoke-colored cats also add depth to this sleek-coated breed with their shimmery hues. Whether you prefer one solid color or a mix of different colors and patterns, this regal feline is sure to please any eye!

Personality Traits

The Manx and Cymric cats are loyal, inventive, and clownlike in temperament. They form strong bonds with their families and enjoy playing games with them. They get along well with children and other pets when they are properly introduced. 

These cats have a relatively quiet voice but can be quite talkative at times, often using a unique trilling sound to communicate. They are intelligent cats who quickly learn how to use their paws to open doors or retrieve their toys. 

These gentle cats have a lot of love to share and prefer not to be alone for too long periods.

The Cymric Cat is an excellent choice for families that have children or other animals. He is active, and social and will play games such as fetch with the family. He loves to receive attention from polite and respectful children. 

The Cymric can easily learn tricks and commands, making him a great pet for families looking for an intelligent cat companion. 

As far as other animals are concerned, the Cymric gets along well with cats and dogs that respect his authority; he may even learn to leave birds and fish alone if properly trained! 

When it comes to interactions between the Cymric Cat and young children, they need to be introduced to kittenhood so they can form a bond early on in life. 

An adult cat may not take kindly to loud noises or excessive attention which could make them less friendly towards kids who don’t know how to interact with them respectfully. 

Cymric cat lying elegant whiskers

It’s best to supervise all interactions between your Cymric Cat and small children until you’re sure of their ability to understand each other’s needs without conflict. 

With patience, understanding, and love your family can create a beautiful relationship between your furry friend and any small humans you might have around!

Activity Level

Cymric cats are a breed of cat that can be both active and laid back, depending on the individual. They tend to enjoy chasing teasers and playing with catnip toys, as well as being enthusiastic participants when it comes to laser pointers. 

Cymrics also have powerful hindquarters which makes them excellent at leaping and they should be kept away from any dangerous items such as laundry machines or motion furniture.

To keep them engaged daily, owners should ensure there is ample playtime in the evenings so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Additionally, items like knitting needles, thread, and yarn should be kept out of reach since these can pose a safety hazard if not stored properly. 

As long as their activity level is managed appropriately through regular playtime and exercise, Cymric cats will make great companions for many years to come!

Cymric Cat Loyalty

Cymrics are a breed of cats that make wonderful companions. They have a reputation for being intelligent, playful, and loyal to their owners like a dog. Cymric cats will often follow their owners around the house and greet them with head butts or purrs when they come home from work.

They get along well with other pets, such as dogs, birds, and rabbits, which makes them an ideal choice for households with multiple animals. Cymric felines also enjoy playing games like fetch or hide-and-seek with kids in the family – making them great additions to families of all sizes! 

Love Of Water

The Cymric Cat is an unusual breed in that it has a fondness for cool water. Unlike many cats, the Cymric Cat enjoys swimming and playing in shallow pools of water. 

This trait is shared with its cousin, the Turkish Van, as both breeds have a coat that repels water and allows them to swim comfortably. 


The Cymric cat is highly intelligent and therefore easy to train. With a bit of patience and consistency, this breed can learn the basics such as fetching, retrieving, walking on a leash, opening doors with its paws, and other tricks. 

It is important to start training this breed early to get the best results as they are very eager learners.

The Cymric cat’s intelligence pairs nicely with its outgoing personality making it one of the most trainable breeds out there. This breed loves spending time with their owners and enjoys learning new things which makes them highly receptive when it comes to training. 

As they love getting attention from their humans they are motivated by positive reinforcement methods such as treats or verbal praise to learn quickly. 

Cymrics also have an independent streak that allows them to problem-solve on their own which can sometimes lead them into mischief if not managed properly through proper training and discipline early on in life. 

All in all, the Cymric cat’s smarts coupled with its friendly nature make it an ideal pet for those looking for an intelligent companion that will be eager to please its owner through effective training methods.

playful Cymric kitten soft fur

Adult Size

The Cymric Cat is a medium-sized cat with heavy boning and a compact body. It has an average height of about 10 to 12 inches when measured from shoulder to floor, and its weight can range anywhere between 5 to 15 pounds depending on the individual cat’s size. 

Its length is typically around 20 inches long, making it slightly longer than other cats of similar size. Despite their shorter stature, they have broad chests and muscular hindquarters that give them a sturdy frame.

The Cymric Cat is a unique breed of cat that has an interesting growth rate. This breed is known to have a rapid growth spurt during the first few weeks of life and then continue to grow steadily until they reach maturity. 

During this period, kittens will typically quadruple their birth weight by 8 weeks old and double it again by 12 weeks old. After this point, the Cymric Cat will begin to slow its growth rate as they approach adulthood at around 18 months of age. 

While many cats may reach their full adult size before this point, the Cymric can take up to two years or more to finish growing into its full-size form. 

Owners of these cats need to pay close attention during these periods for them to provide proper nutrition and care throughout their development process!

Life Expectancy

The Cymric Cat is a breed of cat famous for its long lifespan and excellent health. On average, these cats can live to be 16 years or older, making them one of the longest-living breeds out there. 

With proper care and nutrition, their life expectancy can be even longer! To ensure that your Cymric Cat reaches their maximum lifespan potential, it is important to provide them with the highest quality food available along with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. 

Additionally, regular visits to the veterinarian are essential to keep your cat up-to-date on vaccinations and checkups.

Additionally, providing your Cymric Cat with a healthy environment free from toxins and stress can go a long way towards keeping them happy and healthy throughout their lives. 

Keeping up with daily grooming activities such as brushing fur regularly will help keep mats at bay while also helping improve skin circulation which has been shown to promote overall health in cats. 

Finally, socializing your cat is an important component when it comes to promoting longevity as they need companionship just like humans do! 

Taking some time each day to interact with your furry friend will not only help build trust but also bring joy into both of your lives for many years to come!

Cymric Cat Care

Caring for a Cymric cat is relatively easy and doesn’t require much effort. Brushing or combing their coat a couple of times a week will keep them looking and feeling healthy. This removes any dead hair, as well as distributes the skin oils helping to keep their fur soft and glossy. 

It’s also important to check the rear end closely to make sure no feces are clinging around the anus, which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. 

Another area that requires regular attention is dental hygiene; brushing your Cymric’s teeth daily will help prevent periodontal disease but even weekly brushing is beneficial in removing plaque build-up.

Wiping the corners of their eyes with a soft damp cloth once or twice per week can help remove any eye discharge from allergies or other causes and should be done carefully using separate areas of the cloth for each eye so you don’t spread any infections between eyes. 

It’s also important to keep an indoor litter box spotless at all times as Cymrics are very particular about bathroom hygiene.

This should be done regularly throughout the day so your pet always has access to it when needed without having to wait until it gets cleaned up again later on in the day! 

To ensure your cat stays safe it’s best they stay indoors only as they can become preyed upon by larger animals like dogs and coyotes if left outside or get easily stolen due to their beautiful features! 

Overall keeping your Cymric healthy requires some basic maintenance such as brushing its fur, checking its rear end, cleaning its eyes, brushing its teeth regularly, and changing out an indoor litter box often but these simple tasks will ensure your cat remains happy and content all year round!

Cymric cat long haired plush coat


Cymric cats have specific nutritional requirements that should be taken into consideration when feeding them. They are obligate carnivores, meaning they require a diet based on meat. 

Wet meals are the best way to feed these felines, as it allows for greater absorption of nutrients and helps keep their coat nice and shiny. 

Twice-daily meals are preferred; however, some cats may only eat once a day. Feeding them at regular intervals will help you monitor their health too – if one does not show up for mealtime, then it’s time to look for them! 

Grain-free and vegetable-free diets are ideal for Cymric cats as they do not possess the digestive system necessary to break down carbohydrates or plant matter properly. This can lead to gastrointestinal issues and excessive dental tartar buildup over time if these foods make up a large part of their diet. 

It is important that you also provide high-quality proteins such as chicken, beef, or fish to ensure your cat has all the essential amino acids needed for proper growth and development.

Since Cymrics have long coats that can easily become matted if not groomed regularly, they may need laxative products such as hairball remedies to help with the digestion of any swallowed fur while grooming themselves. 

In addition, fatty acid supplements like Omega 3 can also be beneficial in promoting healthy skin and coat conditions by providing additional moisture from within the body itself rather than relying solely on topical treatments like shampoos or oils applied directly onto the fur after bathing or brushing sessions. 

Overall, taking care of your Cymric cat’s nutrition is an important aspect of keeping them healthy and happy throughout its lifetime! 

Providing wet food specifically designed for obligate carnivores along with occasional fatty acid supplementation is key in ensuring your feline enjoys optimal physical well-being while maintaining its beautiful long coat – something all owners adore about this breed!

The Cymric Cat is a breed of cat that originates from the deserts of North America. Their desert origins have made them get most of their liquid from their prey, which means they are not adapted to drink large amounts of water like other cats. 

To counter this, it is important to provide your Cymric Cat with ample fresh and clean water every day. Place the water bowl at least three feet away from any food so that the smell does not overwhelm them and discourages drinking. 

Consider getting a filtered drinking fountain for your pet as well, since cats find running or trickling water more appealing than still surface water in a bowl. 

In addition to providing plenty of fresh and clean drinking options for your Cymric Cat, make sure you also monitor their hydration levels regularly. 

If you notice that your cat’s eyes appear sunken or dryer than usual or if its coat appears dull, these could be signs of dehydration and should be addressed right away.

Make sure you stay on top of regular check-ups with your veterinarian as well so they can assess whether additional supplementation may be needed to ensure optimal health for your beloved feline companion!

Exercise Requirement 

Cymric cats are a unique and playful breed of cat that makes an excellent pet. They are highly energetic, curious, and social by nature, making them the perfect companion for anyone looking for a loyal friend. 

Keeping Cymric cats active and engaged in play is essential to maintaining their physical health as well as their mental well-being.

Regular activity not only helps keep a Cymric cat’s body fit and healthy but also provides important mental stimulation that can prevent boredom from setting in. 

Playing with toys or engaging in interactive activities like fetching or hide-and-seek helps to keep their minds sharp while providing an enjoyable outlet for excess energy. 

Walking on harnesses or even playing outdoors can be especially beneficial to these cats as it allows them to explore the world around them safely while getting exercise at the same time. 

In addition, regular playtime with other pets or people can help build stronger social bonds between your Cymric cat and its family members which will help create lasting bonds of trust and friendship that both parties will benefit from immensely over time.

Cymric cat lying elegant whiskers

Shedding Levels

Cymric cats are well-known for their intelligence and playful nature, so it is important to make sure they get enough exercise. There are a variety of toys that can help stimulate them and encourage play, such as feather wands for chasing and cat towers for climbing. 

Not only does this provide a way to keep your Cymric active but also provides an opportunity for bonding with its owners.

In terms of shedding, Cymric cats do not shed much in comparison to other breeds. However, they have two stages in their life cycle where shedding levels increase.

During adolescence when they enter the adult stage and during adulthood hormone levels fluctuate due to age or stressors in the environment. 

To avoid excessive shedding in these periods, regular brushing can help remove dead hair and distribute natural oils evenly throughout their fur while providing your Cymric with extra attention!

Health Issues

The Cymric Cat has a medium-length, dense double coat that sheds moderately. To keep the coat glossy and in good condition, regular brushing two to three times a week is recommended along with occasional baths when the coat becomes greasy or starts to clump.

Cymric Cats are generally healthy cats but like any other breed of cat, they can be susceptible to certain health issues. 

The most common diseases seen in this breed include respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, heart diseases like cardiomyopathy and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), eye disorders like retinal dysplasia and glaucoma, kidney disease, and deafness.

Poor diet and living conditions can have a large negative impact on the health of Cymric cats. Poor diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies, which in turn can cause issues such as anemia, lethargy, depression, and other ailments. 

playful Cymric kitten soft fur

Additionally, living in unclean or cramped quarters can expose them to parasites and infectious diseases. To prevent these problems from arising it is important to feed your cat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh water available at all times.

 Additionally, make sure their living space is clean and free from potential hazards such as sharp objects or toxic substances. Regular grooming will also help keep them healthy by removing dirt and debris that could otherwise become lodged in their fur or skin. 

Taking them for regular vet check-ups will help ensure any illnesses are caught early so they don’t become more serious down the line.

Buying Tips 

  1. Look for a healthy kitten with bright eyes, a clean coat, and no signs of illness or injury. A reputable breeder will be able to provide you with health records and vaccinations for the kitten that should be up-to-date.
  2. Make sure the Cymric Cat is well socialized and has been handled since birth by people in a loving manner as this breed can become very shy if not properly socialized from an early age.
  3. Ask to meet one or both parents (if possible) so you can get an idea of what your kitten’s temperament may be like when it grows up, as Cymric Cats are known for inheriting traits from their parents. 
  4. Observe how the kittens interact with each other; they should all appear to have good relationships with their litter mates, without any aggressive behavior being displayed among them. 
  5. Ensure that your chosen breeder follows responsible breeding practices such as genetic testing to reduce the risk of inherited diseases common within the breed, like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). 

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Cymric cat long haired plush coat


Cymric cats make an excellent choice for a pet. They are friendly and loyal, making them great companions. Additionally, they are low maintenance and don’t require much grooming. Their unique fur makes them stand out from other cats, giving them a regal appearance. 

With their outgoing personalities and sweet dispositions, Cymric cats will bring joy to any home that is lucky enough to have one!