Selkirk Rex Cat Names: Tailored To The Breed & How To Select One! 

Welcome, feline enthusiasts and soon-to-be cat parents! If you’re the proud new guardian of a charming Selkirk Rex cat, you’ve likely noticed that their plush, curly coat and expressive eyes aren’t just unique, but truly beg for a name that’s as distinctive as they are. Selecting the perfect moniker for your curly-coated companion can be as fun as it is daunting, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

In today’s article, we’re thrilled to dive into the enchanting world of Selkirk Rex cat names. With over 250 carefully curated names in our kitty directory, we’re confident that you’ll find the ideal tag for your furry friend that resonates with their personality, looks, and that special something that makes them the one-of-a-kind cat they are.

Whether you’re looking for something classic, searching for a name with a wild and exotic twist, seeking inspiration from your Selkirk Rex’s unique appearance, or aiming to break the mold with a unique name, our extensive list has something for every taste and preference.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey of naming your Selkirk Rex together, exploring Male Names, Female Names, Wild And Exotic options, suggestions Based on Appearance, and a plethora of Unique Names that promise to capture the essence of your delightful new feline. Your Selkirk Rex cat’s name is just a scroll away—let’s find that purr-fect fit!

Beautiful long-haired Selkirk Rex cat pet

How to Select the Perfect Name for Your Selkirk Rex

Selecting a name for your Selkirk Rex can be an exciting yet challenging task. The name you choose for your feline friend will be a reflection of its unique personality, your personal tastes, and perhaps even its distinctive curly coat that sets the Selkirk Rex apart from other breeds. Here are some guidelines to help you pick a name that’s as charming and individual as your new companion.

Consider the Selkirk Rex’s Personality

The Selkirk Rex is known for its relaxed and affectionate nature, often described as a ‘cat in sheep’s clothing’ due to their incredibly plush, curly coat. They are also playful and patient, making them wonderful pets for families. When choosing a name, think about your cat’s demeanor. For example, a playful Selkirk might suit an energetic name, while a more laid-back cat might suit a name that sounds softer or more serene.

Reflect on Physical Characteristics

The most striking feature of the Selkirk Rex is their unique curly fur, which could inspire names that evoke their cuddly and distinctive appearance. You might also consider their robust build, rounded face, or the color of their fur and eyes. Selecting a name that describes their physical traits can be a fun and intuitive process.

Incorporate Breed History

The Selkirk part of their name comes from the breed’s origins, named after the breed founder’s stepfather. The Rex suffix is associated with their gene mutation responsible for their curly hair, similar to other Rex breeds. Your cat’s name could pay homage to their origins or incorporate elements of lore and history that are meaningful to you.

Match Your Lifestyle or Interests

If you have particular interests or hobbies, they can be a great source of inspiration for naming your Selkirk Rex. Whether you’re a fan of literature, movies, history, or science, drawing on your personal taste can make your cat’s name more special and significant to you.

The Right Sound and Ease of Use

The best cat names are usually short and easy to pronounce. Cats often respond better to names that end in a high-pitched tone, as they tend to notice these sounds more. Try out a few names and see if your Selkirk Rex responds to any particular one. Also, consider the practical side of daily use, such as calling your pet inside or a trip to the vet.

Test It Out

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, test each name for a day or two to see which one feels right. Observe your cat’s reaction when you use different names and see if there’s any acknowledgment or response. Sometimes, the best names are the ones our pets seem to choose for themselves.

Choosing the right name for your Selkirk Rex is a personal journey. It’s a wonderful part of building the bond between you and your cat. Take your time, have fun with the process, and you’ll find a name that’s perfect for your curly-coated companion. Remember, the name you choose will last a lifetime, so make it count!

Selkirk Rex breed with striking green eyes

Names for Male Selkirk Rex Cats

When it comes to naming your male Selkirk Rex cat, you want a name that captures his charming personality and unique curly coat. The Selkirk Rex is known for its laid-back and affectionate nature, making it a delightful feline companion. A playful and sometimes humorous cat demands a name that is just as endearing and memorable. Consider names that reflect his regal stature, and gentle demeanor, or simply names that are timeless and classic.

1. Curly Q2. Whisker3. Puffin
4. Slinky5. Marbles6. Baron
7. Bentley8. Cashmere9. Jasper
10. Fuzzy11. Louie12. Maxwell
13. Cuddles14. Binx15. Ruffles
16. Gizmo17. Teddy18. Hugo
19. Patches20. Duke21. Merlin
22. Ozzy23. Tigger24. Ziggy
25. Simba26. Harold27. Elvis
28. Felix29. Oliver30. Baxter
31. Monty32. Frodo33. Percy
34. Quincy35. Romeo36. Sherlock
37. Toby38. Yogi39. Ziggy
40. Alfie41. Bruno42. Cooper
43. Dexter44. Eddie45. George
46. Harvey47. Ivan48. Joey
49. Kyle50. Lenny51. Milo

Names for Female Selkirk Rex Cats

Selecting a name for your female Selkirk Rex is an integral part of welcoming her into your family. This breed’s lovely, curly fur and gentle disposition deserve a name as sweet and distinctive as they are. Female Selkirk Rex cats often show grace and a touch of sassiness, giving you many directions to take when picking out the perfect name. Look for names that accentuate her royal-like quality, her soothing purrs, or her plush curls.

1. Bella2. Tessa3. Coco
4. Daisy5. Ellie6. Fluffy
7. Gigi8. Hazel9. Ivy
10. Jasmine11. Kiki12. Luna
13. Misty14. Nora15. Opal
16. Peach17. Queenie18. Rosie
19. Stella20. Trixie21. Ursula
22. Velvet23. Willow24. Xena
25. Yasmine26. Zoe27. Amber
28. Beatrice29. Cece30. Dorothy
31. Evie32. Fifi33. Goldie
34. Heidi35. Iris36. Jewel
37. Kiara38. Layla39. Muffin
40. Nala41. Olive42. Penelope
43. Queen44. Ruby45. Sapphire
46. Tina47. Uma48. Vivi
49. Winnie50. Xyla51. Yara
Brushed Curly-furred Selkirk Rex kitten sitting gracefully

Wild And Exotic Names for Selkirk Rex Cats

The Selkirk Rex cat, with its wild and untamed-looking curls, calls for a name that reflects its distinctive, exotic appearance. When thinking of a moniker for your Selkirk Rex, why not draw inspiration from the natural world, exotic places, or adventurous concepts? These cats are the domestic epitome of wild beauty, which makes choosing an exotic name a thrilling adventure in itself.

1. Amazon2. Bongo3. Congo
4. Draco5. Echo6. Fjord
7. Gobi8. Himalaya9. Indie
10. Java11. Kenya12. Lynx
13. Mango14. Nile15. Orion
16. Phoenix17. Quasar18. Rainier
19. Sahara20. Tundra21. Utopia
22. Vortex23. Wolf24. Yukon
25. Zephyr26. Atlas27. Blaze
28. Cobra29. Dante30. Everest
31. Falcon32. Griffin33. Hunter
34. Ivanhoe35. Jumanji36. Kodiak
37. Lotus38. Maverick39. Nova
40. Oasis41. Puma42. Quest
43. Raptor44. Sequoia45. Talon
46. Umber47. Viper48. Wilder
49. Xenon50. Yeti51. Zulu

Names Based on Appearance of Selkirk Rex Cats

The Selkirk Rex cat’s most extraordinary feature is undoubtedly its beautiful curly coat, which makes it stand out like a feline royalty. Naming your Selkirk Rex based on appearance can be as delightful as admiring their luscious locks. Consider their coloring, the texture of their curls, or their overall charming presence when pondering a name that’s as visually striking as they are.

1. Sprinkles2. Whirl3. Swirl
4. Shaggy5. Silky6. Smoky
7. Caramel8. Chiffon9. Dapple
10. Glossy11. Mosaic12. Nebula
13. Patches14. Ripple15. Shadow
16. Speckles17. Tawny18. Velvet
19. Wavy20. Zigzag21. Cocoa
22. Dusk23. Ember24. Frosty
25. Ginger26. Haze27. Ink
28. Jazzy29. Kahlua30. Latte
31. Marble32. Nutmeg33. Onyx
34. Pepper35. Quartz36. Rusty
37. Sage38. Tinsel39. Umber
40. Vino41. Whiskey42. Xanthe
43. Yolk44. Zebra45. Ash
46. Biscuit47. Clove48. Denim
49. Eclair50. Freckles51. Gold

Unique Names for Selkirk Rex Cats

Naming your Selkirk Rex with a unique name is a way to highlight their one-of-a-kind personality and the rarity of their breed. Selkirk Rex cats with their plush, wavy coats and sweet, patient temperaments deserve a name that’s as uncommon and exceptional as they are. Let creativity lead the way as you consider names that are as individual as your beloved cat.

1. Axiom2. Bijou3. Cadenza
4. Decibel5. Elixir6. Fable
7. Gossamer8. Halcyon9. Icarus
10. Jinx11. Kismet12. Labyrinth
13. Moxie14. Nexus15. Odyssey
16. Pixel17. Quixote18. Rhapsody
19. Solaris20. Tempest21. Ulysses
22. Verve23. Whimsy24. Xylo
25. Yonder26. Zephyr27. Arcane
28. Boomerang29. Casanova30. Drifter
31. Enigma32. Flux33. Glimmer
34. Houdini35. Illusion36. Jovial
37. Karma38. Limerick39. Mirth
40. Nocturne41. Oracle42. Pinnacle
43. Quasar44. Roulette45. Serendipity
46. Tango47. Utopia48. Vagabond
49. Wander50. Xanadu51. Zest
Purebred Selkirk Rex breed sitting calmly indoor under sun


Deciding on the perfect name for your Selkirk Rex cat is a loving gesture that will set the tone for your life together. With their plush, unique coat and kind temperament, a Selkirk Rex is more than just a pet—they’re a treasured member of your family. The name you choose should be a reflection of their personality and distinctive traits, and hopefully, these lists will provide ample inspiration to match your feline friend with a moniker they’ll respond to for years to come.

Enjoy the process of discovery, and remember, the best names often come to us when we least expect them. The bond between you and your Selkirk Rex will be beautifully symbolized by the name you select, so take your time and find a title that’s as special as they are.