Names For Peterbald Cats: Handpicked Names For This Amazing Breed!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide dedicated to one of the sleekest felines in the cat kingdom—the Peterbald cat! If you’ve recently welcomed one of these elegant creatures into your home, or you’re simply pondering the perfect name for your future Peterbald, you’ve landed in the ultimate naming treasury.

Why settle for a mundane cat name when you can choose a name that’s as distinctive as the Peterbald itself? With their graceful demeanor, striking features, and affectionate nature, these cats deserve a name that captures their essence beautifully.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities? Let’s dive into the world of Peterbald cat names!

Dark Peterbald cat posing elegantly in a room

Names for Male Peterbald

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your handsome Peterbald cat, you want something as sleek and refined as they are. These hairless wonders exude elegance and a regal aura, which is why their names should capture their unique personalities and slim physiques.

Below, you’ll find a selection of names that are a perfect match for the distinguished male Peterbald, each chosen to highlight their charismatic and loving nature.

1. Sphynxter2. Lord Baldemort3. Velvet
4. Casper5. Baron6. Phantom
7. Draco8. Plato9. Mystic
10. Zephyr11. Nimbus12. Merlin
13. Argus14. Cairo15. Neo
16. Titan17. Dante18. Blaze
19. Marbles20. Onyx21. Jasper
22. Galaxy23. Loki24. Ritz
25. Simba26. Solar27. Sterling
28. Taz29. Xavier30. Zenith
31. Apollo32. Cesar33. Echo
34. Falcon35. Goliath36. Helios
37. Icarus38. Jett39. Kairo
40. Lucius41. Mosaic42. Neptune
43. Orion44. Pascal45. Quasar
46. Rialto47. Sirius48. Triton
49. Vulcan50. Wolfgang51. Zane

Names for Female Peterbald

Choosing a name for your female Peterbald cat can be a delightful pursuit. These elegant and sophisticated ladies deserve names that reflect both their beauty and their loving temperament.

Peterbalds are not only recognizable for their hairless bodies but also for their heartwarming affection and intelligent gaze.

The following list includes inventive and graceful names that will capture the essence of your Peterbald queen while also ensuring she stands out at the vet or during a cat show.

1. Athena2. Bianca3. Cleo
4. Diva5. Esme6. Felicity
7. Giselle8. Harmony9. Iris
10. Jewel11. Kismet12. Luna
13. Mystique14. Nova15. Olympia
16. Pandora17. Queenie18. Rubina
19. Sapphire20. Tiana21. Utopia
22. Venus23. Willow24. Xena
25. Yasmin26. Zara27. Amber
28. Breezy29. Callista30. Delilah
31. Evita32. Flora33. Gemma
34. Hera35. Indigo36. Jada
37. Kahlua38. Lacy39. Melody
40. Nala41. Opal42. Pixie
43. Quin44. Rhea45. Starla
46. Trinity47. Unity48. Vixen
49. Whimsy50. Xanthe51. Yvette
Peterbald cat enjoying the sunlight by the room's window.

Wild And Exotic Names for Peterbald Cats

Peterbald cats are the epitome of wild elegance and exotic charm. With their hairless skin and muscular build, they capture the allure of the African savannah or the mystery of an ancient temple.

Hence, when naming your Peterbald cat, you might be inclined to choose a name that reflects their exotic origins or a wild spirit that refuses to be tamed.

In this section, we have compiled a set of wild and exotic names that will give your Peterbald the dash of intrigue and flair they naturally embody.

1. Sahara2. Nile3. Mirage
4. Everest5. Amazon6. Bengal
7. Zulu8. Congo9. Sequoia
10. Maasai11. Gobi12. Kalahari
13. Rio14. Kodiak15. Mojave
16. Nomad17. Oasis18. Paco
19. Pyro20. Quest21. Rainforest
22. Sable23. Tundra24. Ulysses
25. Voodoo26. Wayfarer27. Xerxes
28. Yucatan29. Zambezi30. Apache
31. Borneo32. Caravan33. Drifter
34. Equator35. Fang36. Gauntlet
37. Havana38. Impala39. Jacaranda
40. Kazak41. Lagoon42. Marauder
43. Nubia44. Outback45. Puma
46. Quicksilver47. Raptor48. Savanna
49. Thunder50. Uluru51. Vagabond

Names Based on Appearance of Peterbald Cats

Peterbald Cats carry a distinctive look that sets them apart from other breeds. Their lithe figure, almond-shaped eyes, and elegant demeanor inspire names that reflect their striking characteristics. Selecting a name based on your Peterbald’s appearance is a great way to celebrate their unique features, such as their almost hairless coat, pointed ears, and graceful stature. Below you will find names that highlight the sleek and polished nature of these fascinating creatures, from names that denote their silky skin to those that embody their ethereal allure. Each name aims to capture the beauty that is inherently Peterbald.

1. Gloss2. Silhouette3. Velvetine
4. Pearl5. Slate6. Baldric
7. Alabaster8. Ember9. Onyxette
10. Marble11. Cobalt12. Pewter
13. Shine14. Shadow15. Dusk
16. Taffy17. Chiffon18. Granite
19. Eclipse20. Ivory21. Mist
22. Glaze23. Smudge24. Whisper
25. Moonbeam26. Sepia27. Frost
28. Ghost29. Charcoal30. Ash
31. Slate32. Smokey33. Tinsel
34. Patches35. Platinum36. Crystal
37. Glint38. Pristine39. Silken
40. Glimmer41. Russet42. Twilight
43. Mink44. Suede45. Ginger
46. Speckle47. Sheen48. Shimmer
49. Feint50. Opalescent51. Cashmere

Unique Names for Peterbald Cats

Your Peterbald cat is a one-of-a-kind companion, and their name should be just as unique as they are. True to their origins, Peterbalds carry an aura of sophistication and a touch of the unconventional.

When it comes to finding a unique name, you may want to think outside the box, selecting something that reflects not just their breed but also the special bond you share. Below, we’ve curated a list of unique and inventive names that suit the extraordinary personality and appearance of Peterbald cats.

These names are ideal for cat owners who want their feline’s name to be as memorable and striking as their bald, beautiful pet.

1. Quantum2. Zephyra3. Mosaic
4. Eureka5. Fedora6. Nimbus
7. Odyssey8. Puzzle9. Riddle
10. Quixote11. Riviera12. Saga
13. Taffeta14. Utopian15. Verve
16. Whirlwind17. Xylo18. Yonder
19. Zing20. Axiom21. Banjo
22. Crescendo23. Domino24. Echo
25. Fandango26. Gadget27. Hologram
28. Iota29. Jenga30. Karma
31. Lyric32. Maverick33. Nexus
34. Ozone35. Pixel36. Quantum
37. Rhapsody38. Sonnet39. Tango
40. Urbane41. Vortex42. Widget
43. Zephyr44. Allegro45. Bravo
46. Cipher47. Dervish48. Enigma
49. Flux50. Gala51. Hyperion
Dark Peterbald cat posing elegantly in a room

How to Choose a Name for Your Peterbald

When selecting a name for your Peterbald cat, it’s vital to consider their unique personality traits. The Peterbald breed is known for being affectionate, intelligent, and social.

They love to be the center of attention and are known for their loyal, dog-like behavior, often following their owners around the house. Start by observing your cat’s personality.

Is she a fearless adventurer or a calm observer? These traits can inspire a name that fits just right.

Reflecting Their Sleek Physique

The striking appearance of the Peterbald, with its svelte body and often hairless skin, can also be a great source of inspiration for their name.

When thinking about names, you might consider those that conjure images of elegance or sophistication, or even whimsical names that play on their unique look.

Consider names that evoke a sense of grace or agility, as the Peterbald is an athletic breed that moves with poise and finesse.

Researching Cultural Origins

The Peterbald cat comes from Russia, with its origins in St. Petersburg, hence the “Peter” in Peterbald. Why not delve into Russian culture, history, or geography to find a name that honors your cat’s heritage?

Names of Russian cities, famous historical figures, or words with a significant meaning in the Russian language can provide a sense of depth and connection to your cat’s lineage.

Considering Their Vocal Nature

Peterbalds are known for being chatty, often engaging in conversations with their owners.

If your Peterbald is particularly vocal, picking a name that signifies communication or is associated with famous speakers, singers, or characters known for their voices could be a playful nod to this trait.

A name that is also easy to call out and that your cat responds to is especially practical for such a communicative breed.

The Final Selection Process

Once you’ve gathered a list of potential names, try them out. Call your Peterbald by each name and see how they respond.

Sometimes, despite all the thought and consideration, the right name is the one that just feels right when you say it. Take your time to interact with your Peterbald and let their reactions guide you.

Before making the final decision, ensure the name is easy to pronounce for everyone in the household and isn’t too similar to common commands or the names of others in the home to avoid any confusion.

Remember that this name will be with them—and you—for their lifetime, so choose a name that will continue to be endearing.

Elegant Peterbald cat perched gracefully on a window sill inside the room.


Choosing the right name for your Peterbald cat can be as fun and interesting as the breed itself. There is an infinite variety of names you may choose from for your cat; but hopefully this guide made it easier for you to pick a name.

The hairless beauty and friendly nature of Peterbald cats make them irresistible, and a name that suits them will do double duty: capture their essence and deepen the bond you have with your feline companion.