Handpicked Cat Names for Exotic Shorthair!

Today’s spotlight falls on the charming and irresistibly adorable Exotic Shorthair. If you’re the proud parent of one of these affectionate “teddy bears” of the cat world, you’ve come to the right place to find a name as unique and delightful as your pet.

Our collection of exotic shorthair names is meticulously curated, ensuring you have access to the perfect blend of names that transcend the ordinary. We understand the importance of a name, as it reflects your cat’s personality, appearance, and style.

Let’s embark on this naming adventure together, where the inspiration flows and the possibilities are as endless as your exotic cat’s charm. Curl up with your purring companion and get ready to choose a cat name that resonates with the heart and captures the essence of your beloved pet.

Purebred Exotic Shorthair sitting near window looking outside

Names for Male Exotic Shorthair Cats

Choosing the perfect name for your male Exotic Shorthair cat can be a delightful yet challenging task. These expressive felines are known for their round faces, short coats, and endearing expressions. Their plush appearance and friendly nature deserve unique monikers that capture their charm and personality.

When it comes to selecting a name for your male Exotic Shorthair, it should reflect his distinctive looks and playful temperament. Let’s discover some darling and distinctive names that could be the perfect match for your captivating companion.

1. Winston2. Oliver3. Teddy
4. Baxter5. Louie6. Jasper
7. Oscar8. Simon9. Archie
10. Harvey11. Benny12. Bruno
13. Max14. Rufus15. George
16. Milo17. Leo18. Henry
19. Gus20. Frankie21. Ernie
22. Zack23. Otis24. Murphy
25. Percy26. Quincy27. Toby
28. Sammy29. Rico30. Eli
31. Finn32. Dexter33. Chester
34. Marley35. Pete36. Rascal
37. Tigger38. Victor39. Lou
40. Freddie41. Zeus42. Bennett
43. Charlie44. Ollie45. Stanley
46. Bertie47. Spencer48. Reggie
49. Jojo50. Bruce51. Hank

Names for a Female Exotic Shorthair

Female Exotic Shorthair cats are celebrated for their adorable scrunched faces and plush, velvety fur. Their gentle demeanors are matched by their stunning, expressive eyes, making the quest for the perfect name for your female Exotic Shorthair an enjoyable journey.

A name should not only reflect her gorgeous features but also embody her sweet and serene nature. Discover a delightful list of names suitable for the elegant and affectionate female Exotic Shorthair cat that could beautifully complement her unique personality.

1. Daisy2. Bella3. Coco
4. Lily5. Zoe6. Ruby
7. Chloe8. Sophie9. Gigi
10. Ivy11. Hazel12. Olive
13. Nora14. Sadie15. Molly
16. Penny17. Rosie18. Grace
19. Stella20. Luna21. Emma
22. Jasmine23. Mia24. Lulu
25. Fifi26. Phoebe27. Abigail
28. Ellie29. Willow30. Betsy
31. Fiona32. Violet33. Angel
34. Piper35. Tilly36. Dolly
37. Mia38. Sassy39. Cleo
40. Tessa41. Honey42. Peaches
43. Greta44. Beatrice45. Trixie
46. Lucy47. Flora48. Sally
49. Lexi50. Mabel51. Nina
Exotic shorthair breed posing

Wild And Exotic Names for Exotic Shorthair Cats

With their lion-like demeanor, Exotic Shorthair cats are like mini wild felines residing in the comfort of your home. Giving them wild and exotic names amplifies their majestic aura and pays tribute to their feral cousins.

When choosing a name from the wild, look for something that resonates with their adventurous spirit and mysterious allure. The perfect name will accentuate their bold character while also acknowledging their loving and domesticated side.

1. Zephyr2. Titan3. Blaze
4. Maverick5. Phoenix6. Orion
7. Raja8. Atlas9. Thor
10. Onyx11. Sahara12. Cobra
13. Sultan14. Falcon15. Lynx
16. Vulcan17. Simba18. Caesar
19. Kodiak20. Tarzan21. Ranger
22. Zane23. Jagger24. Nero
25. Everest26. Koda27. Shere Khan
28. Puma29. Mowgli30. Congo
31. Yukon32. Kodi33. Bongo
34. Aslan35. Genghis36. Sultan
37. Denali38. Taz39. Indigo
40. Draco41. Jag42. Sequoia
43. Apache44. Nero45. Tundra
46. Timber47. Kipling48. Zulu
49. Marlin50. Hawkeye51. Nomad

Names Based on Appearance of Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair cats captivate us with their round, expressive eyes and plush, velveteen fur. When crafting a name based on their appearance, it’s delightful to draw inspiration from their charming characteristics.

Whether it’s the luxurious feel of their coat or the unique shade of their eyes, picking a name that mirrors their physical distinctiveness can be both fun and fitting. Here’s a list that pays homage to their lovable looks and could fit an Exotic Shorthair cat as snugly as their fur.

1. Velvet2. Patches3. Snickers
4. Toffee5. Cinnamon6. Mitten
7. Boots8. Sable9. Whiskers
10. Smudge11. Ginger12. Marbles
13. Shadow14. Cocoa15. Bandit
16. Dove17. Midnight18. Swirl
19. Stripe20. Frost21. Pebbles
22. Amber23. Quartz24. Jewel
25. Ember26. Fawn27. Sparkle
28. Blizzard29. Dapple30. Pixel
31. Nugget32. Tux33. Biscuit
34. Speckle35. Marshmallow36. Fuzz
37. Onyx38. Frosty39. Eclipse
40. Honey41. Twinkle42. Fluffy
43. Topaz44. Moony45. Puff
46. Rorschach47. Chai48. Puma
49. Cashmere50. Nutmeg51. Freckles

Unique Names for Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair cats are like no other, with a unique blend of persnickety charm and cuddly companionship. They are renowned for their affable nature and doll-like faces. Finding a unique name that encapsulates their one-of-a-kind personality and appearance is like finding a hidden gem. These names are carefully curated to be as distinctive as your Exotic Shorthair cat, ensuring they stand out in both personality and name. These inventive names might just be the perfect moniker for your extraordinary pet.

1. Gizmo2. Pixel3. Mochi
4. Astra5. Binx6. Clio
7. Drift8. Escher9. Fable
10. Gulliver11. Huxley12. Inky
13. Jinx14. Kepler15. Limerick
16. Mosaic17. Nimbus18. Omen
19. Puck20. Quasar21. Riff
22. Saga23. Tundra24. Ulysses
25. Vex26. Wisp27. Xylo
28. Yonder29. Zephyr30. Anka
31. Becket32. Calliope33. Dune
34. Echo35. Fjord36. Grove
37. Helix38. Io39. Juniper
40. Kismet41. Lyric42. Myrrh
43. Nova44. Orion45. Prism
46. Quest47. Rune48. Sable
49. Thimble50. Vesper51. Whim
Purebred Exotic Shorthair laying on the floor

How to Pick aName for Your Cat

Welcoming an Exotic Shorthair into your home is an exciting experience. These felines, with their plush coats and easy-going temperament, make great companions. One of the first and most enjoyable tasks you’ll face is selecting a name that encapsulates their unique personality and appearance. Here’s a guide on how to pick a fitting name for your Exotic Shorthair cat.

Consider Their Personality Traits

Exotic Shorthairs are known for their calm and affectionate nature, they often exhibit a playful side that is endearing to their owners. Observe your new friend’s behavior and consider names that reflect their individual personality.

Are they a curious explorer, a lazy lounging buddy, or a loving lap cat? A name that aligns with their personality can be both fitting and meaningful.

Draw Inspiration from Their Appearance

The Exotic Shorthair is a breed recognizable for its teddy bear-like features, plush coat, and large, expressive eyes.

You might want to pick a name that compliments these physical traits. For example, if your cat has particularly stunning eyes, you could consider names that highlight this feature.

Alternatively, the name could reflect their luxurious coat or charming round face.

Ponder Your Interests or Heritage

Sometimes the right name for your Exotic Shorthair might come from your interests or cultural heritage. You may find inspiration in a favorite book, movie, historical figure, or even a destination you love.

Art, music, and mythology are treasure troves for unique names. Moreover, reflecting on your heritage can uncover beautiful, meaningful names that pay homage to your background and connect your cat to your personal story.

Ensure Usability of the Name

While it’s tempting to go for something extravagant or complex, remember that you’ll be using this name multiple times a day. It’s essential to select a name that is easy to pronounce and clear for your cat to understand.

Ideally, a cat’s name should be one to two syllables long, as this makes it easier for them to recognize and respond to. Try calling out the names you like and see if it feels natural and easy to say.

Test the Names You Like

Once you have a shortlist of favorites, test them out over a day or two. Notice if certain names seem to fit better as you get to know your Exotic Shorthair’s character more deeply. Sometimes, a cat’s response can even help you decideā€”if they perk up or react to a particular name, it might be the one!

Don’t Rush the Decision

Remember, naming your cat isn’t a race. It’s more important to find a name that feels right than to quickly slap a label on your new pet. Spend some time with your cat, and the perfect name might just come to you in a way you didn’t expect.

It’s a name you, your family, and your cat will live with for many years, so it’s worth taking your time to choose wisely.

Fluffy Exotic Shorthair kitten cute


Selecting the perfect name for your Exotic Shorthair cat is an important part of welcoming them into your family. It should honor their individuality, reflect their expressive nature, and be a representation of their unique beauty.

Whether you opt for a name that’s inspired by their male or female charms, draws from their wild and exotic cousins, highlights their adorable appearance, or stands out as something truly unique, your feline friend will undoubtedly grow into the name you lovingly choose for them.

Remember that whatever name you select, it should embody the warmth and joy that your Exotic Shorthair brings into your home every day. Happy naming!