Devon Rex Name Haven: Discover 250+ Inspiring Cat Names

Welcome to the ultimate treasure trove of inspiration for Devon Rex Cat Names. If you’re the proud pet parent of a delightful Devon Rex, you know that their unique curls, elf-like features, and mischievous personalities deserve a name that’s just as special and charming as they are.

With the allure of their otherworldly charm in mind, we’ve assembled an extensive list of over 250+ cat names, meticulously curated to cater to every shade of their quirky character. Whether you’re drawn to names that are regally classic, playfully modern, or wonderfully wild, we’ve got you covered.

Embark on the adventure of naming your Devon Rex with us as your guide, and discover the name that resonates with the heart and soul of your new feline family member. Let’s get inspired and find a name that’s as extraordinary as your Devon Rex cat!

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How to Select the Perfect Name for Your Devon Rex

Welcoming a Devon Rex into your home is like adding a pinch of pixie dust to your everyday life. Known for their elfin looks, oversized ears, and wavy coats, these cats exude an otherworldly charm that deserves a name as unique as their appearance. Choosing the right name for your Devon Rex is a delightful challenge that can be approached in several creative ways.

Reflect on Personality

Devon Rex cats are notorious for their mischievous and affectionate nature. Observe your cat’s personality for a few days or weeks – you might find inspiration in their quirks, habits, and distinct behaviors. Is your feline a curious explorer, worthy of a name like ‘Marco’ (after Marco Polo) or ‘Dora’ (after the famous explorer)? Or perhaps their loving nature calls for a soft, endearing name like ‘Buddy’.

Consider Physical Characteristics

The unique appearance of a Devon Rex can serve as a muse when selecting a name. Their curls might remind you of a favorite celebrity with similar hair, such as ‘Shirley’ (after Shirley Temple) for a kitten with especially bouncy curls. Their large ears could inspire a name like ‘Dobby’ (the house-elf from Harry Potter) or ‘Yoda’ (Star Wars fame). The Devon Rex’s slender build and graceful movements might even evoke the elegance of a ballet dancer or a mystical creature from folklore.

Look to Historical Figures and Mythology

The Devon Rex’s regal yet impish appearance could prompt you to choose a name steeped in history or mythology. ‘Cleocatra’ might be a fit for a queenly Devon Rex, while ‘Loki’ could capture the slyness of a trickster cat. Ancient gods and goddesses, heroes, and legendary creatures can be ripe with name possibilities, intertwining your cat’s identity with stories from the past.

Go for Alliteration or Wordplay

Alliteration is a fun way to make your cat’s name catchy and memorable. A Devon Rex with the moniker ‘Rexie Rex’ or ‘Dexter Devon’ adds an extra layer of whimsy to their already playful persona. And don’t shy away from puns or wordplay – ‘Catnip Cassanova’ could embody the charm that Devon Rex cats often exhibit.

Consider Their Origin Story

Sometimes, a name can stem from a cat’s origin story or the circumstances under which they joined your family. Was your Devon Rex adopted on a significant date or during a certain event? Names like ‘Valentine’, ‘Lucky’, or ‘Journey’ can embed a special meaning into your pet’s name, reflecting the fortuitous path that led them to you.

Test and Observe

After you’ve brainstormed a list of potential names, try each one out for a day or two. Call your cat using the new names and observe their reactions – while they may not necessarily understand the meaning behind the name, they could respond positively to certain sounds or intonations. Sometimes, the perfect name just ‘clicks’ when you observe your cat’s reaction to it.

Names for Male Devon Rex Cats

When it comes to naming your Devon Rex, male names can capture the playful and elfin nature of this breed. These cats, known for their slender build and oversized ears, deserve names that reflect their distinctive appearance and charming personality. Below, you’ll find a curated list of male names perfect for your regal yet whimsical companion.

1. Jasper2. Felix3. Hugo
4. Merlin5. Gizmo6. Theo
7. Loki8. Dexter9. Ziggy
10. Oliver11. Simba12. Otis
13. Asher14. Marley15. Leo
16. Ollie17. Remy18. Finn
19. Benny20. Oscar21. Tigger
22. Milo23. Binx24. Toby
25. Phoenix26. Harvey27. Percy
28. Zeus29. Alfie30. Chester
31. Archie32. Bruce33. Cedric
34. Dante35. Elmo36. Frankie
37. George38. Hamish39. Ian
40. Jax41. Koda42. Leonard
43. Moby44. Newton45. Orlando
46. Pablo47. Quincy48. Rufus
49. Sheldon50. Titus51. Victor
Devon rex cat sitting

Names for Female Devon Rex Cats

Choosing a female name for your Devon Rex is an opportunity to complement her svelte body, curly coat, and mischievous eyes. Whether you prefer timeless elegance or playful charm, these names are selected to match the unique personality and beauty of your delightfully quirky feline.

1. Luna2. Chloe3. Bella
4. Daisy5. Hazel6. Ivy
7. Jasmine8. Kiwi9. Layla
10. Mimi11. Nala12. Olive
13. Poppy14. Quinn15. Rosie
16. Sofie17. Tessa18. Ursa
19. Violet20. Willow21. Xena
22. Yara23. Zoey24. Ariel
25. Beatrix26. Celine27. Delilah
28. Eliza29. Fiona30. Giselle
31. Harper32. Iris33. Jolene
34. Kiera35. Leona36. Maya
37. Norah38. Ophelia39. Penelope
40. Ruby41. Savannah42. Talia
43. Uma44. Veda45. Winona
46. Xandra47. Yvette48. Zelda
49. Ada50. Bianca51. Celeste

Wild And Exotic Names for Devon Rex Cats

The Devon Rex cat, with its unusual looks and spunky demeanor, deserves a name as wild and exotic as its personality. These cats possess a striking resemblance to mythical creatures, making it fitting to choose a name that is as distinctive and intriguing as the breed itself.

1. Apollo2. Blaze3. Cairo
4. Draco5. Echo6. Fable
7. Gobi8. Helix9. Indigo
10. Jinx11. Kairo12. Lynx
13. Mowgli14. Nova15. Orion
16. Phoenix17. Quest18. Raja
19. Sahara20. Talon21. Ulysses
22. Vortex23. Wraith24. Xerxes
25. Yonder26. Zephyr27. Akira
28. Borealis29. Cosmos30. Dune
31. Eclipse32. Falcon33. Gryffin
34. Horizon35. Io36. Jagger
37. Kestrel38. Lotus39. Merlin
40. Narnia41. Oberon42. Puma
43. Quasar44. Raptor45. Sable
46. Tundra47. Vega48. Wyvern
49. Xenon50. Yeti51. Zenith

Based on Appearance Names for Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex cats are a visually stunning breed with their soft, curly coats, large bat-like ears, and wide-set eyes. When considering a name based on appearance, think of those that highlight their striking features and the overall aesthetic they present.

1. Velvet2. Wisp3. Tawny
4. Shadow5. Rusty6. Mocha
7. Cocoa8. Amber9. Patches
10. Dapple11. Speckle12. Honey
13. Smudge14. Pearl15. Onyx
16. Sooty17. Frost18. Marble
19. Pebbles20. Topaz21. Shimmer
22. Glimmer23. Marbles24. Sterling
25. Mystic26. Dusk27. Brindle
28. Fawn29. Sienna30. Eclipse
31. Flint32. Ash33. Glimmer
34. Cinder35. Charcoal36. Silver
37. Sage38. Slate39. Tinsel
40. Alabaster41. Blizzard42. Chrome
43. Speck44. Spangle45. Spark
46. Stripes47. Tiger48. Twinkle
49. Whisker50. Zebra51. Beryl

Unique Names for Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex cats have defining characteristics that set them apart from other breeds, from their pixie-like appearance to their clownish antics. A unique name for this breed should echo their individuality. Explore these one-of-a-kind names that are just as special as your Devon Rex.

1. Nimbus2. Kaleido3. Quicksilver
4. Zephyr5. Quibble6. Rhapsody
7. Serendipity8. Thimble9. Whimsy
10. Zinnia11. Lumina12. Overture
13. Pastiche14. Reverie15. Sonata
16. Taffeta17. Vellum18. Wisp
19. Zenon20. Allegro21. Banjo
22. Calypso23. Doodle24. Effervesce
25. Frolic26. Gossamer27. Hiccup
28. Inertia29. Jamboree30. Kaboodle
31. Limerick32. Maelstrom33. Nebula
34. Origami35. Pizzazz36. Riffraff
37. Skedaddle38. Tidbit39. Uproar
40. Vivify41. Whirligig42. Yo-Yo
43. Zigzag44. Accolade45. Bric-a-brac
46. Cantaloupe47. Doohickey48. Elfin
49. Flimflam50. Gadabout51. Hobnob
Devon rex breed cute feline


Naming your Devon Rex cat can be a delightful adventure, one that captures the essence of their enchanting nature. Whether you’re inspired by their male or female charm, desire something wild and exotic, want to pay homage to their stunning appearance, or are looking for a truly unique moniker, these name suggestions are tailored to suit the extraordinary character of these cats. May your Devon Rex live up to its name, bringing joy and spirited fun into your home.