Blue Mitted Ragdoll: A Stunning Combination of Color and Charm

When cat enthusiasts hear “Blue Mitted Ragdoll,” they might envision a strikingly vibrant blue feline, but that’s not quite accurate. The blue-mitted Ragdoll is endowed with a graceful bluish-silver fur that blends harmoniously with their creamy or off-white base coat.

The blue mitted isn’t just another pretty face in the cat world—this ragdoll variation carries with it a luxurious air, turning heads and stealing hearts left and right. Their silvery-blue markings aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they’re like a signature, distinguishing them from other Ragdoll variations.

This coat pattern has become a beloved hallmark for those who desire a feline companion with both stunning looks and a soft, loving demeanor that’s typical of the breed.

Cat aficionados seek out the blue-mitted Ragdoll not only for their beauty but also for their docile temperament and ability to bond with their human families. Like all ragdolls, they are known for going limp when picked up, reflecting the trust they place in their owners.

This particular color variation is steeped in history, has uniquely desirable traits, and yes—a rarity that makes finding one a special moment for future cat owners.

Fluffy blue mitted Ragdoll cat striking a pose

History of Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cats

The story of the blue mitted Ragdoll’s origins is intertwined with the history of the Ragdoll breed itself, which began in the 1960s in California under Ann Baker’s stewardship. Ragdolls were selectively bred to have distinct features, including large size, semi-long fur, gentle disposition, and striking blue eyes.

Out of this selective breeding process emerged the mitted pattern—one marked by captivating white gloves or ‘mittens’ on the paws.

The blue mitted variation surfaced as breeders continued to refine these cats’ appearances. Their plush silvery-blue points against their lighter body color captivated enthusiasts and remain one of their defining traits today.

These felines’ charming colors accentuate their endearing expressions and complement their frequently lauded social nature. While this color variation shares the same genetics as other mitted Ragdolls, it’s the specific combination of allele mutations that results in their unique coat color.

The allure of the blue mitted Ragdoll expanding beyond its initial breeding circles was inevitable. As they started being exhibited at cat shows and featured in various media, their popularity swiftly increased.

Their reputation as a docile, affectionate companion with an almost mythical aesthetic further solidified their position among favorites within pet-loving communities.

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Cute blue mitted Ragdoll kitten playing with yarn

What Makes Them So Desirable?

The enigma of the blue mitted Ragdoll’s fur color is undeniably a key factor in its desirability. Unlike the bold hue suggested by its name, the blue mitted variant boasts a subtle yet enchanting bluish-silver color palette.

The unique patterning, coupled with the softness of their semi-long coat, often leaves onlookers enthralled by this living tapestry of varying shades of gray and cream.

Fur alone does not explain the full story, though; genetics play a crucial role in what makes the blue mitted Ragdoll so sought-after. Their distinctive markings are inherited traits that are achieved when specific genes align serendipitously to create this mesmerizing coloration.

Beyond looks, these genetic markers also associate them with positive attributes such as a calm temperament and good health—a winning combination for any pet owner.

Owning a cat with such an alluring color variation is akin to having a living piece of art cohabitating with you—one who also happens to adore cuddling and being part of family life.

The fur of the blue mitted Ragdoll is perfectly suited for those cozy nights in, yet its maintenance isn’t overly demanding despite its length and luxurious texture. This balance between beauty and practicality is part of what makes these cats an ideal companion animal.

Female blue mitted Ragdoll lying by the window

What Color Are Their Eyes And Nose?

One cannot discuss the blue mitted Ragdoll without mentioning the captivating azure hue of their eyes. These eyes are consistently deep blue across all individuals, which serves as a striking complement to their distinguished grey-blue fur.

The vividness of their eye color stands out irrespective of their surroundings, lighting up their faces with a gentle but penetrating gaze.

As for their noses, these delightful felines typically sport a soft grey or slate-colored nose leather that fits harmoniously with their overall color scheme.

The nose, along with the paw pads, often share the same tone as the points on their fur, maintaining that cohesive aesthetic that is characteristic of the breed variation.

Male Blue mitted Ragdoll basking in the outdoor sun

Are Blue Mitted Ragdoll Rare?

Blue mitted Ragdoll cats sit within a niche category that doesn’t proliferate as widely as some other color variations within the breed. As such, they can be viewed as somewhat rare and tend to be highly prized.

Finding a purebred blue mitted Ragdoll might require patience and diligence, as reputable breeders often have waiting lists due to their select breeding practices.

When it comes to cost, blue mitted Ragdolls may carry a heftier price tag than some other variations due to their rarity and demand. The price for one of these exquisite creatures can reflect that rarity; however, many would argue that the unique character and loyal companionship they offer are well worth it.

Ragdoll kitten with mitted pattern and striking blue eyes

Top 10 Names for a Blue Mitted Ragdoll

Choosing a name for a blue mitted Ragdoll can be a delightful task. Given their distinguished appearance, many owners opt for names that reflect their cat’s regal persona or unique coat patterns. Here’s a curated list of names and why they might be fitting for your blue mitted companion:

SilverIt reflects the cat’s silvery-blue coat color.
MistyIt evokes the gentle gray mist that mirrors the muted tones of their fur.
OceanSuggestive of their deep blue eyes, reminiscent of ocean depths.
EarlAn ode to Earl Grey tea matching the sophistication and color of their coat.
GlovesA playful nod to their distinctive white paws.
AsterNamed after the flower with hues similar to this cat’s coloring.
GhostRepresents their ethereal beauty and light markings.
MarbleInspired by their swirling patterns akin to marble stone.
SkyeInspires thoughts of vast, clear skies aligned with their tranquil disposition.
SmudgeEndearing is a term related to their blended coat markings.
Ragdoll with blue mitted fur laying on table peacefully

3 Unique Facts About Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cats

Discovering facts about these stunning creatures is as alluring as the cats themselves. Here are three unique tidbits about blue mitted ragdolls:

  1. Selective Expression: The bluish-silver color on their points (ears, tail, and face) typically darkens with age due to temperature-sensitive enzyme activities affecting color expression.
  2. White Symmetry: Their striking white mittens and boots are symmetrical features that are carefully bred into each generation.
  3. Personalized Patterns: No two blue-mitted Ragdolls have identical markings—each cat carries its own unique pattern that can range from slight variations in shading to distinct contrasts.
Playful blue mitted Ragdoll relaxing on sofa

How to Get a Blue Mitted Ragdoll on a Budget!

If you’re dreaming about having a blue mitted Ragdoll but don’t want to empty your wallet, consider adoption as your first option.

Animal shelters sometimes have purebred cats or mixed breeds that resemble them closely; it might take some patience, but adopting is rewarding both financially and ethically.

Another avenue for finding your dream cat at a more reasonable price point is through online platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. These platforms allow you to connect with individuals in your region who might be rehoming their pet due to various circumstances, often asking only for an adoption fee.

It’s important to practice caution when dealing with rehoming advertisements and ensure you’re supporting ethical practices.

Ensure you visit the cat in person in its current home when possible to see its living conditions and obtain any available medical history or documentation before committing to bringing them into your family.

Playful blue mitted Ragdoll enjoying indoor activities


The blue-mitted Ragdoll is more than just a pretty face—it is a world of grace encapsulated in plush fur and serene eyes. Their rarity and distinctiveness make them coveted companions for those lucky enough to find them.

Whether named Silver, Misty, or even Earl, these majestic beings offer not just visual splendor but unwavering companionship as well. If owning one is your dream, remember that patience can lead you to ethical ways of bringing one into your home without breaking the bank.

A blue-mitted Ragdoll cat can become both your personal piece of living art and a cherished friend for years to come.