Blue Point Ragdoll: Everything You Need to Know!

Discovering the Blue Point Ragdoll is like uncovering a treasure trove of affection and beauty. These cats are not only visually stunning, but their sweet-natured temperament makes them perfect companions for those in search of a furry friend with a docile personality.

The Blue Point Ragdoll’s popularity is skyrocketing, captivating cat enthusiasts everywhere with their floppy nature and captivating looks.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various facets of the Blue Point Ragdoll cat, from its history to how to responsibly find one for your home.

If you’re longing for a pet that seems to combine the allure of blue skies with an enchanting personality, then the Blue Point Ragdoll could be your ideal match. They possess a charm that’s undeniably irresistible.

However, behind those soulful blue eyes and plush coat, there is much to learn about where they come from and what makes them so special. As demand for this lovely breed grows, it’s crucial to understand the breed’s characteristics to be able to distinguish them from other varieties of ragdoll cats.

Blue Point Ragdoll cat sitting peacefully

History of Blue Point Ragdoll Cats

Blue Point Ragdolls haven’t held the limelight of the feline world for centuries like some other breeds, but they have certainly claimed their spot in the hearts of cat lovers across the globe in relatively short order.

This breed variation emerged from the efforts of Ann Baker, an American breeder, in the 1960s. While the breed itself is recognized for its variety of color points, it’s the Blue Point that truly captivates with its distinctive glacier-blue coloration contrasted with a creamy white fur body.

How this breed variation gained its current popularity may also be attributable to its unique combination of Siamese coloration with an extraordinarily gentle and floppy demeanor, unlike any other cat breed.

The strikingly beautiful Blue Point quickly created a buzz among feline fanciers. Even though it is a fairly new addition to the pedigree cat scene, the demand for these serene beauties surged through word of mouth — being prized as affectionate and sociable companions.

Unique in their appearance, Blue Point Ragdolls also possess traits that make them stand out. From their gorgeous blue eyes to their characteristic soft, silky coat that doesn’t mat like other long-haired breeds, these cats have become a hallmark for elegance and tranquility in the pet world — often being described as dog-like due to their tendency to follow their owners and their ease with being handled.

Mature fluffy Blue Point Ragdoll in repose

What Makes Them So Desirable?

Perhaps the most hypnotizing trait of the Blue Point Ragdoll is the stunning, pale blue coat that grants this feline its name. This ethereal coloration beautifully complements the breed’s captivating blue eyes.

Sagacious yet soft, their fur stands as a testament to selective breeding that admirably mixes aesthetics with comfort; this softness isn’t solely because it captures hearts but also because it greatly reduces grooming demands.

Genetically speaking, Blue Point Ragdolls are fascinating creatures. Their unique color-point is a result of selective genetics that harken back to their Siamese ancestors.

Their fur’s blue shades actually vary from slate to silver-blue and are colder in tone compared to other color points. Their genetic makeup contributes not only to their appearance but also ensures they retain the endearing sociable character distinct to Ragdolls.

The desirability of Blue Point Ragdolls isn’t all looks; their temperament is just as attractive. Known for their gentle nature and tendency to go limp when picked up (hence ‘Ragdoll’), these felines are loyal pets that unabashedly crave human attention and tenderness.

Couple this with a propensity to be calm and non-aggressive, and it’s evident why families and single owners alike seek out this delightful breed.

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Blue Point Ragdoll cat relaxing by the window

What Color Are Their Eyes And Nose?

The eye color of Blue Point Ragdolls is one of their defining features, typically presenting an intense azure-like blue that captivates all who gaze into them.

These mirrored pools reflect a sense of wisdom beyond their years and serve as a complement to their serene disposition.

This vivid eye color remains consistent throughout the breed and is considered a hallmark trait; deviating from this could indicate mixed lineage or health issues.

As for their noses, Blue Point Ragdolls usually exhibit a slate-colored nose that harmonizes with their point color, adding to their distinguished look. The cool tone of the nose against the warm cream of their body fur creates an alluring contrast that further seduces admirers.

This subtle yet striking feature is just another thread in the tapestry that makes these cats so aesthetically pleasing.

Fluffy Ragdoll kitten with striking blue point fur

Are Blue Point Ragdoll Cats Rare?

Blue Point Ragdoll cats are not exceedingly rare, but they hold an allure that often places them on many potential pet owners’ wish lists. Their balance of physical allure and amiable personalities creates considerable demand, which might give the illusion of rarity.

Breeders who dedicate themselves to maintaining high standards for health and temperament can sometimes have waiting lists for these sought-after kittens.

When it comes to price, like most pedigree cats, Blue Point Ragdolls can come with a significant investment cost.

The price can vary depending on numerous factors, such as lineage, breeding practices, and even geographic location.

While not the most inexpensive option among felines, investing in a healthy, well-bred Blue Point Ragdoll from an ethical breeder can save on potential health costs down the line and ensure you’re contributing to responsible breeding practices.

Playful Blue Point Ragdoll kitten frolicking

Top 10 Names for a Blue Point Ragdoll

Choosing a name for your Blue Point Ragdoll cats can be a delightful process—reflect on names that match their heavenly blue points and angelic personalities. Here are our top 10 picks:

AzureEvokes the vivid blue of their iconic eye color.
GhostReflects their pale coat and mysterious charm.
SkyInspired by the sky-blue points on their fur.
SerenityMimics their tranquil and calming presence.
MarbleIndicative of their silky multi-colored fur akin to marbled patterns.
VelvetA nod to their luxuriously soft coat texture.
MistyIdeally suits cats with a silvery-blue point coloration.
EchoResonates with their gentle yet memorable demeanor.
BlizzardPays homage to their snowy white body contrasted by cool points.
LunaPerfect for a cat with dreamy blue points like lunar landscapes.
Ragdoll cat with blue points and blue eyes lounging near kitchen

3 Unique Facts About Blue Point Ragdoll Cats

Discover fun tidbits about the Blue Point Ragdoll that set them apart:

  1. Their docile nature was selectively bred over generations—ragdolls were designed to be companions who are equally content in both active families or serene homes.
  2. Despite their plush coats—even extending to toe tufts—Blue Points have surprisingly minimal grooming requirements thanks to fur that resists matting.
  3. Not just visually stunning; these cats typically carry a gene for ‘heterochromia,’ which could manifest in fascinating ways within litters—though true-blue eyes generally reign in this breed.
Female Lilac Point Ragdoll portrait with striking blue eyes

How To Get a Blue Point Ragdoll on a Budget!

If those dazzling blue eyes of a Blue Point Ragdoll have captured your heart but your budget is tight, there are still ways to bring one of these seraphic felines into your family without breaking the bank. Adoption through local shelters or rescue organizations can be an affordable option.

Occasionally, these places have Ragdolls or Ragdoll mixes available for adoption at a fraction of what you would pay at a breeder.

Another avenue could involve vigilant monitoring of community resources such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Sometimes owners may need to rehome their pets due to life changes, offering them at lower prices or even for free to good homes.

However, exercise caution and do thorough checks to ensure you’re not supporting unethical breeding practices inadvertently through these channels.

Lilac Point Ragdoll kitten looking cute with striking blue eyes


Embracing a Blue Point Ragdoll cat into your life welcomes not only an enchanting four-legged friend but a bond full of unwavering loyalty and affection.

While importance lies in where they come from and how you find one—avoiding kitten mills and ensuring ethical breeding practices. The true joy comes from experiencing daily life with these gentle giants.

Selecting one thoughtfully will bring irreplaceable harmony into your home, solidifying why they are loved by so many and continue captivating hearts worldwide.