Male vs Female Selkirk Rex: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a curly Selkirk Rex is definitely a joy; however, deciding whether to get a male or a female can be challenging. Comparing male vs female Selkirk Rex cats is not always a straightforward task. Therefore, we have gathered the information you need to help you make the right decision.

Weaving through the characteristics of the Selkirk Rex, this blog will help you decide which gender is the right option for you. Despite sharing common standards, a male and female Selkirk Rex can exhibit unique behaviors and preferences that make them stand out.

Whether you’re a cat lover or thinking about getting a Selkirk Rex, the aim in this article is to assist you in selecting a cat that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

Beautiful long-haired Selkirk Rex cat pet

Visual Differences

CharacteristicMale Selkirk RexFemale Selkirk Rex
Average height (adult):9 – 11 Inches 9 – 10 Inches
Average weight (adult):9-16 lbs6-12 lbs
Lifespan:11-14 years11-15 years
Exercise:Moderate NeedsModerate Needs
Grooming needs:Daily BrushingDaily Brushing
Other pet-friendly:FriendlyFriendly

Male Breed Overview

While male Selkirk Rex cats can be the epitome of calmness and composure, they often tend to have a more robust frame and may come off as the more imposing of the two sexes. Their larger size is typically matched by an equally grand personality.

Males are known for being remarkably affectionate, which can translate into their desire for interaction and companionship with their human family. They may exhibit a more outgoing disposition, ready to engage in play and showcase their curious nature.

One is likely to observe that male Selkirk Rex cats can develop deep bonds with their caregivers and are usually quite amenable to handling and cuddling sessions. Despite their laid-back reputation, don’t be surprised if your male Selkirk Rex occasionally displays bursts of kitten-like energy, proving that they retain a playful streak well into adulthood.

As males mature, they often maintain a protective demeanor over their territory and family, which is one of the many endearing traits of the breed.

Selkirk Rex breed with striking green eyes

Training A Male

Training a male Selkirk Rex requires patience and positive reinforcement techniques. They are intelligent cats who respond well to consistent training sessions that involve treats and verbal praise. Males may have a propensity for mischief or playfulness during training, so keeping sessions short and engaging is key to maintaining their focus. Building a routine around training can help harness their intelligence in constructive ways.

Health & Care

Male Selkirk Rex cats need regular grooming, exercise, nutrition, and veterinary care to keep them healthy. Their curly fur requires daily brushing to prevent matting and to distribute natural oils across their coat.

Males being larger, may require slightly more food than females, though portion control is critical to prevent obesity. Regular vet check-ups are essential for identifying any breed-specific health issues early on.

Suitable for:

A male Selkirk Rex can be an excellent fit for families or individuals looking for a sociable and interactive pet. Due to their larger size and active nature, they suit homes that can provide ample space and attention.

Their sociability makes them great companions for children and other pets, as long as they are properly introduced and socialized from a young age.

Purebred Selkirk Rex breed sitting calmly indoor under sun

Female Breed Overview

Female Selkirk Rex cats exhibit their grace through petite frames but do not underestimate their prowess and personality. While they share many traits with their male counterparts, they often have a more delicate appearance, which runs counter to their plucky personalities.

Females may be less demanding for attention compared to males but can be just as affectionate on their terms. There’s an inherent independence in female Selkirk Rex cats which one might find appealing.

On average, female Selkirk Rex tend to weigh less than males and have a more subtle presence; however, this does not detract from their capability of forming strong bonds with family members.

They can be extremely nurturing, especially if they are part of a larger pet family. Part of their charm lies in their ability to balance time spent engaging with family members with time spent contentedly on their own.

Training A Female

Females can be slightly more independent in training situations, often taking a bit longer to warm up to new commands or routines. However, once engaged in the training process, they can be quite adept learners. Utilizing toys and interactive play can be beneficial when training female Selkirk Rex cats, serving as both mental stimulation and bonding time.

Health & Care

Female Selkirk Rex cats share similar grooming requirements with the males due to their distinctive coats; daily brushing is also essential to maintain their coat condition. Health-wise, females present the added consideration of spaying which can have overall health benefits including reducing the risk of certain diseases.

Suitable for:

Female Selkirk Rex cats can thrive in environments where they have space for both interaction and personal time. They are well-suited for owners who appreciate an independent yet loving companion. Their smaller size also makes them slightly easier to manage for those with limited space but bear in mind they have just as much personality as any Rex.

Brushed Curly-furred Selkirk Rex kitten sitting gracefully

Which One Is Right for You?

The decision between Male vs Female Selkirk Rex largely depends on personal preference and lifestyle compatibility. Consider what kind of interaction you seek from your pet; if it’s a more laid-back yet sizable companion with a penchant for playfulness, a male might be your match. Conversely, if you value a cat with self-reliance who still enjoys companionable moments, a female could be your perfect feline friend.


In catered curlicues of the Selkirk Rex world, opting between Male vs Female Selkirk Rex cats boils down to subtle preferences rather than stark differences. Both genders share the breed’s signature traits of friendliness, trainability, and distinct curly coats which require devoted grooming regardless of gender.

Ultimately, each cat’s individual personality will make them distinct far beyond these gendered tendencies. Engage with both males and females when choosing your new feline friend; chances are, one’s purr will resonate with your heart more persistently than the other’s.

Regardless of your choice, a loving Selkirk Rex is guaranteed to curl not only its fur but also itself around your life with utter charm and affection.