Male vs Female Devon Rex: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the “Male vs Female Devon Rex” differences is essential to make an informed decision about which gender may be the best fit for your home and lifestyle. This breed, known for its wavy coat, oversized ears, and playful demeanor, has captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide.

In this blog, we’ll explore the distinctive traits of both genders, offering insights into their physical attributes, temperaments, and care requirements.

The main gender-based differences often boils down to slight variations in size, behavior, and health. While both sexes share their uniquely adorable traits, underlying differences could sway an owner’s preference.

It’s important to note that individual personalities can vary widely regardless of gender; however, understanding common tendencies can still be quite helpful.

Continue reading as we explore these differences in detail, ensuring you’re equipped with all the necessary knowledge to choose a male or female Devon Rex that complements your home perfectly.

Devon rex cat

Visual Differences

CharacteristicsMale Devon RexFemale Devon Rex
Average height (adult):10–12 inches10–12 inches
Average weight (adult):8–10 pounds6–8 pounds
Lifespan:9–15 years9–15 years
Exercise:Moderate to HighModerate to High
Grooming needs:LowLow
Other pet-friendly:Generally YesGenerally Yes

Male Devon Rex Overview

Male Devon Rex cats are often considered more outgoing than their female counterparts. Their playful nature and tendency to form strong bonds with their human companions are among the key attractions for potential owners.

They love to engage in interactive play and are well-known for their acrobatic antics. Males are typically heavier and sometimes larger than females, giving them a somewhat more robust appearance.

The male Devon Rex’s affectionate personality may be especially suited for families with children or other pets. They thrive in social settings where they can be the center of attention. It’s also worth noting that male Devons can be territorial at times, which is a consideration for owners who may want to have more than one pet.

Male cats of this breed are curious explorers who seem to have an insatiable appetite for adventure. This means they require proper stimulation in their environment to keep them entertained. An engaging home with climbable structures and toys can help satisfy the males’ playful spirits.

Devon rex cat sitting

Training A Male

Training a male Devon Rex can be a delightful experience due to their intelligent and responsive nature. They are quick learners who enjoy puzzle toys and games that challenge them mentally. Consistency and positive reinforcement techniques work best with this breed.

Rewards like treats or affection will reinforce good behavior. However, owners should be mindful that males can sometimes have a streak of independence, so patience is essential.

Health & Care

When it comes to health and care, male Devon Rex cats do not differ significantly from females. However, attention must be given to their distinctive coat which requires minimal grooming due to its short length and tendency to shed less than other breeds.

These cats are prone to certain genetic health issues, hence regular veterinary check-ups are vital to ensure they stay in top condition.

Neutering is an additional health consideration for male Devons as it helps prevent certain behaviors such as spraying and can reduce the risk of health problems like testicular cancer.

Devon rex breed cute feline

Suitable for:

The male Devon Rex is particularly suitable for active individuals or families looking for an engaging pet that enjoys playtime, interaction, and companionship. They fit in well with households that can provide a stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities for physical exercise and mental challenges.

Female Devon Rex Overview

Female Devon Rex cats are known for their elegance and slightly more reserved nature compared to males. While they share the same playful qualities as males, they tend to be more independent and can be selective with their affections. Females may not always seek out attention but will bond deeply with their preferred humans.

The understated strength of a female Devon’s personality is often admired by cat enthusiasts. They’re confident in their demeanor and carry themselves with a somewhat regal air. Females may be smaller in size, but they still possess the same muscular build that is characteristic of the breed.

While females appreciate engaging play sessions just like the males, they may also seek out quiet time more frequently. This duality makes them quite adaptable as pets and suitable for various types of homes, from active families to single-person households.

Training A Female

Training a female Devon Rex cat is generally an enjoyable process since they are as intelligent and capable as males. Females can learn tricks and behaviors efficiently; although they might display more independence during training sessions, it’s nothing a little patience can’t overcome. Using clicker training or offering favorite treats can be great incentives for them.

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Health & Care

Females share many of the same health considerations as males with an important addition: if they are not spayed, there is a risk of developing reproductive diseases such as pyometra or mammary cancer.

As with males, coat care is uncomplicated due to its low maintenance nature, but routine health checks are necessary to keep them healthy.

Suitable for:

Female Devon Rex cats are ideally suited for those looking for a pet with a combination of playful vivacity and individualistic charm. They adapt well in a calm environment where they can have some alone time in addition to interactive activities with their owners.

Which One Is Right for You?

Choosing between a male vs female Devon Rex depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. If you’re seeking an exuberant and sociable cat that loves to play the day away and craves near-constant interaction, a male might be perfect. On the other hand, if you prefer a cat with a composed yet playful personality who values time alone as much as time spent with her human companions, a female Devon Rex may suit you better.

Regardless of gender, both male and female Devon Rex cats require a loving home where they receive ample attention, mental stimulation, and proper care.

Devon rex breed cute feline


Whether a male or female Devon Rex steals your heart, you’re bound to have a delightful companion by your side. Their quirky looks paired with their endearing temperaments make them unique pets whose company is thoroughly enjoyable.

Consider your daily routine, household energy levels, and time available for interaction when making your choice between Male vs Female Devon Rex cats. No matter your decision, these enchanting feline friends will make every day brighter with their loving presence and playful antics.

Remember that individual personalities vary widely and that every cat is unique — making the journey of getting to know your new Devon Rex truly one-of-a-kind.