LaPerm Cat: Breed Information, Care, Personality, & More

If you’re looking for a unique breed of cat to add as a pet, look no further than the LaPerm. Not only are they stunningly beautiful with their shaggy curls and ringlets, but they also have personalities that will charm everyone they meet. 

They have an intelligence that allows them to carefully solve puzzles and think through how to get toys placed just out of reach. The LaPerm is a lean, muscular cat with large expressive eyes and no exaggerated features; making them perfect working cats on farms or in homes as pets.

They require regular brushing to keep their coat healthy and soft, which can be done by using a pin brush or slicker brush depending on the length of their fur. 

Additionally, being active cats they need plenty of playtime each day; this could include interactive toys such as feather wands or laser pointers to help stimulate mental exercise too!

All these factors make the LaPerm an ideal choice for any home looking for an affectionate companion who loves spending time with its owners.

From cuddles to purrs, the LaPerm is sure to bring plenty of love and companionship into your life – but only if you can provide them with the care they need! So let’s get started!

Breed Overview

The LaPerm Cat is a unique breed of feline that originated in the United States in 1982. It was discovered when Linda Koehl watched a brown tabby cat named Speedy give birth to a litter of six kittens, one of which was an unusual long-haired, hairless kitten with large wide-spaced ears and a classic tabby pattern apparent in its skin like a tattoo. 

beautiful LaPerm cats cuddling on sofa

The kitten developed sparse curly shorthaired fur at 6 weeks old and Linda named her Curly, who went on to become the foundation for this new breed. Since then, more cats with curly coats have been found and bred to establish the LaPerm as their unique breed. 

These cats tend to be active and social creatures that crave attention from their owners – they are often described as being ‘people cats’ because of their friendly nature towards humans.

LaPerms come in all shapes and sizes but typically have soft wavy coats that can range from short-haired or long-haired depending on the individual cat’s genetic makeup (although all will have some degree of curl). 

They also come in many colors including white, black, cream, blue, silver, or red tabby patterns; solid colors such as chocolate or lilac; tri-color combinations such as calico; tortoiseshell markings; bicolor patterns such as tuxedo; pointed patterns like Siamese/Himalayan/Balinese varieties; even odd-eyed versions exist! 

Perhaps most distinctive about these cats is their intelligence – they are known for being highly trainable given time and patience making them ideal companions for those looking for an interactive pet. 

Overall the LaPerm Cat is both beautiful inside and out – they are affectionate companions that thrive best when provided love and attention from people who appreciate them for their unique look & personality traits!

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Identifying LaPerm Cat

The LaPerm is an active, curious, and intelligent cat that loves to be around people. They are always up for a game or exploring the house. This breed is also known for its vocal nature and they love to chirp and trill when playing or when they want your attention. 

They can even be quite demanding at times! These cats are very friendly with people of all ages and get along well with other pets if raised together from an early age. They can learn tricks like fetching a toy or opening doors with their paws! 

They love to cuddle and sleep close by on the bed or couch, so if you are looking for a companion who will never leave your side – this could be the breed for you!

Beautiful LaPerm breed

The LaPerm Cat is a unique breed of cat that comes in a variety of color variations. From classic solid colors like black, white, and brown to more exotic patterns such as calico and tabby, this breed is sure to have something for everyone. 

They even come in the new Karpati pattern from Eastern Europe with its striking salt-and-pepper flecks. No matter what you’re looking for, the LaPerm Cat has something to offer!

Personality Traits

The LaPerm is an intelligent and active cat with a sweet temperament. They are inquisitive and mischievous, often using their paws to get what they want. 

They have an affectionate personality and enjoy spending time with their human companions, following them around like a dog or curling up next to them on the couch. LaPerms get along well with children and other family pets, making them an ideal family companion.

The LaPerm cat is a great choice for families with children or other pets. He is an easygoing, playful breed that loves to interact and receive attention from those around him. He enjoys learning tricks and playing with interactive toys, so he can be a great companion for children who treat him politely and with respect. 

It’s important to supervise young kids when interacting with the LaPerm, as they should be taught how to pet the cat gently rather than trying to carry or hold it.

When introducing the LaPerm cat to other animals in your home, it’s important to do so slowly and in a controlled setting where you can monitor their behavior toward each other. The LaPerm is usually good-natured around other cats, dogs, and small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs when introduced properly. 

Although his temperament will depend on his personality, he generally does well with most animals if given time to adjust and get used to them at his own pace.

Activity Level

The LaPerm cat is a highly active and curious breed that loves to be involved in everything their families are doing. They have an intelligent, independent nature that can often be seen as they follow their people around the house and tap their legs as they pass by to get attention.

LaPerms enjoy playing with toys such as mice or ping pong balls, but will also take advantage of a tall cat tree so they can climb up high and supervise the area. 

Despite being active throughout life, these cats will never miss an opportunity for some cuddle time on their owner’s lap or even around their neck! 

To keep your LaPerm entertained and healthy you should provide plenty of activity options – both physical and mental stimulation. 

This could include interactive toys like laser pointers or feather wands, along with puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing toys that require them to use problem-solving skills. 

Regular playtime sessions are essential for keeping your LaPerm happy and healthy – not only does it help them stay physically fit but it also strengthens the bond between pet parent and kitty!

Purebred LaPerm cat sitting relaxed on the sofa looking at each other

LaPerm Cat Loyalty

The LaPerm is a bold and loyal breed of cat that loves to stay active. They are intelligent, inquisitive, and social cats that thrive when they are given attention from their owners. 

While the LaPerm may not be the ideal lap cat for everyone, they will still faithfully seek out your affection in other ways. The LaPerm’s loyalty is undeniable and they will show deep devotion towards those who love them best.

Love Of Water

LaPerm cats are known for their love of water and often enjoy taking baths. Therefore, if your LaPerm does need a bath it is important to use the correct tools and techniques to ensure the best experience for them. 

Use a shampoo formulated specifically for cats avoiding contact with their face, ears, and eyes. This will help keep your cat safe from any potential irritation or infection that could occur from using the wrong kind of shampoo or soap. 


The LaPerm cat is an intelligent breed, which makes them highly trainable. They are quick learners and love a mental challenge, making it easier for owners to teach them tricks or commands. 

When it comes to training this breed of feline, patience and consistency are key as they can become easily distracted if not given sufficient amounts of attention during each session. 

The best way to start teaching your LaPerm Cat is by using positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or verbal praise when they follow through with a command correctly. 

Additionally, utilizing clicker-training methods can help speed up the process since they tend to respond well when there’s an audible cue associated with desired behaviors like sitting or coming when called.

Adult Size

The LaPerm cat is a small-to-medium breed of domesticated feline with males typically being larger than females. Adult male LaPerms can measure up to 10 inches in height, and their body length from the nose to the base of their tail averages around 18 inches. 

They generally weigh between 7 and 12 pounds for adult males, while adult females usually weigh 6 to 9 pounds. These cats tend to be slightly smaller in stature and finer-boned than their male counterparts due to their genetics; nevertheless, they are still strong, agile creatures that enjoy active playtime!

In addition to size differences between genders, several other physical characteristics distinguish the LaPerm cat from other breeds. Most notably, they have a unique coat pattern that features long wavy hair or “curls” all over the body including on their head and face. 

The coat color can range anywhere from black through shades of browns, blues, and creams with white markings possible as well! it’s no wonder why so many people love this breed of cat!

Life Expectancy

The LaPerm is a particularly healthy cat breed, and its life expectancy can be expected to be quite long. With proper care and attention, these felines can live between twelve and fifteen years, but some have been known to live up to twenty years. 

To ensure that your LaPerm cat reaches their maximum lifespan, it is important to provide them with regular veterinary visits for vaccinations as well as checkups. 

Additionally, they should be fed a balanced diet. It is also important to keep your LaPerm’s environment clean by regularly cleaning the litter box and vacuuming any areas where shedding may occur. 

Grooming should also not be neglected; brushing their coat at least twice weekly will help prevent mats from forming while distributing oils throughout the fur for added shine and softness.

Lastly, providing plenty of mental stimulation through playtime or interactive toys will keep them engaged physically and mentally in addition to providing necessary exercise – all of which helps contribute towards a longer life expectancy for your beloved pet!

beautiful LaPerm cats cuddling on sofa

LaPerm Cat Care

Caring for a LaPerm Cat is not difficult and with regular maintenance, they can stay looking their curly best! It is important to comb or brush the cat one to three times a week to prevent matting and tangling. 

The coat of the LaPerm usually does not shed much, however, this can be reduced further by regular brushing. If there are small mats that have formed, use a slicker brush or greyhound comb (stainless steel with narrow teeth at one end and wider teeth at the other) to gently remove them.

 When it comes time for bathtime, press a towel against your cat’s coat to soak up extra moisture and let him air dry in a warm spot away from any drafts. Avoid using blow dryers as this could lead to frizzy fur!

In addition to grooming your LaPerm Cat regularly, it is also important that you take care of his dental hygiene as well. Brush their teeth daily if possible but weekly brushing will do just fine too. 

Trim their nails once per week so they don’t get too long and sharp which could lead to injury if left unchecked. Wipe around the eyes with a soft damp cloth every few days to remove any discharge that may have built up over time. 

Check your cat’s ears weekly for dirtiness or infection and clean them out with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and water on cotton balls – avoid using swabs as these could damage the interior of the ear canal! 

Finally, keep their litter box spotlessly clean; cats are very particular about bathroom hygiene so make sure you keep it immaculate all year round! 

LaPerms must remain indoors only – this helps protect them from diseases spread by other cats, attacks from dogs/coyotes, etc., as well as reduces the risk of being stolen by someone who would like an unusual cat without needing to pay for it! 

By following these simple steps you will ensure your beloved pet stays happy & healthy while looking its curly best all year round!


Cats are carnivores, so their diet must consist of high-quality proteins. The TICA LaPerm Breed Committee recommends feeding cats quality food to keep their systems healthy and immunity high. 

Quality foods should be formulated specifically for cats, contain no by-products or fillers, and include a balance of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to providing your cat with a balanced diet, you should also give them plenty of fresh water daily as they can become dehydrated quickly due to their small size. 

A good rule of thumb is to provide one ounce (30ml) per pound (0.45kg) of body weight each day; however, this varies depending on the cat’s activity level and environment temperature.

Make sure you monitor your cat’s food intake closely as overfeeding can lead to obesity which in turn can cause numerous health problems including diabetes and heart disease. 

The type of food chosen for the LaPerm Cat will depend largely on its age, whether it has been neutered or spayed, as well as its overall health condition; for example, kittens require more fat in their diets than adults do since they need extra energy for growth while seniors may need more protein to maintain muscle mass. 

Furthermore, certain breeds such as Persians have special dietary needs due to their long hair coats so make sure you consult with your vet before choosing what type of food best suits your particular breed’s nutritional needs. 

Beautiful LaPerm breed

Supplements are also an important part of any pet’s diet; these provide additional nutrients that cannot always be found in commercial cat foods such as omega fatty acids which aid in skin/coat health or glucosamine which helps support joint function and mobility.

Overall nutrition is key when it comes to keeping our furry friends healthy, happy, and living longer lives so make sure you choose wisely when selecting the right type of food supplements necessary to meet the nutritional requirements specific to LaPerm Cat!

Having a LaPerm cat requires providing them with fresh water at all times. Just like any other cat, it is important to ensure that the water bowl is washed and refilled with clean drinking water daily. 

To encourage your LaPerm cat to drink more, it may help to place the bowl in an area that is three feet away from food so their sensitive noses are not overwhelmed by the smell of food. 

Additionally, using a filtered drinking fountain can be beneficial as cats love running water and they will be able to get more out of it than just plain old tap water. 

By providing your beloved pet with clean and safe drinking water you can help keep them healthy for many years!

Exercise Requirement 

It is important to keep LaPerm Cats active and play for some reasons. Firstly, the breed’s natural curiosity makes them prone to getting into trouble if they are not provided with enough stimulation. 

By playing with them and providing plenty of interactive toys, you can help ensure that your LaPerm Cat is kept safe from potential dangers while also satisfying their need for mental stimulation. 

Secondly, playtime helps maintain the cat’s physical health by encouraging exercise and movement which can be beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight as well as helping to ward off conditions such as joint pain or arthritis.

Playtime also has psychological benefits for LaPerm Cats. It encourages bond-building between pets and owners, creating an environment of trust that will benefit both parties in the long run. 

Additionally, it provides cats with an opportunity to express themselves through activities such as chasing balls or tackling each other during wrestling matches – something that many breeds take great pleasure in! 

Ultimately, keeping your LaPerm Cat active and playing is essential for their physical well-being and emotional well-being alike; it helps create a strong bond between pet and owner while allowing cats to stay physically fit at the same time!

Purebred LaPerm cat sitting relaxed on the sofa looking at each other

Shedding Levels

LaPerm cats are known for their unique and attractive coat of fur that is full of tight curls. As with any other breed, LaPerms require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and looking great. In addition, they need plenty of exercise to stay physically fit, just like any other cat. 

When it comes to shedding levels, LaPerm cats typically shed more during the spring season when they are changing from winter coats into lighter summer ones. This usually lasts for about a month or so and once this time has passed their shedding will return to normal levels.

 However, as the cats grow older the amount of hair they shed tends to increase due to hormonal changes in the body. They may also experience heavier shedding during times when there is significant stress in their lives such as when moving house or having a new pet added into the family home. 

Grooming regularly will help keep shedding at bay but extra care may be required during these times if excessive amounts of hair start appearing around your home!

Health Issues

Though LaPerm cats are not hypoallergenic, they still make great companions for potential cat parents with allergies. This breed is generally healthy, but like all cats, can be susceptible to some diseases. 

The most common health issues for LaPerms include upper respiratory infections, ear mites, and flea infestations. They may also experience eye problems such as conjunctivitis or entropion (inward-turned eyelids). 

Additionally, they can be prone to joint and bone disorders such as feline hip dysplasia or patellar luxation (dislocation of the kneecap). LaPerms must receive regular veterinary care and vaccinations to help reduce their risk of developing these conditions.

Poor diet and living conditions can significantly affect the health of a LaPerm cat. If a LaPerm is not receiving proper nutrition, it may suffer from obesity or malnutrition. 

Moreover, if the cat’s living environment is not clean and hygienic, it could be susceptible to parasites, viruses, and bacterial infections that can cause serious illnesses such as feline distemper or upper respiratory infections. 

To prevent diseases in LaPerm cats, owners should ensure that they are fed a balanced diet with appropriate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins. 

Additionally, their living environment should be kept clean to reduce the risk of infection by regularly cleaning the litter box and vacuuming frequently to remove dust particles which can accumulate bacteria. 

Finally, regular visits to the vet for check-ups will help detect any potential health problems before they become serious issues.

Buying Tips 

  1. Look for a reputable breeder: Before purchasing any kind of cat, it is important to find a responsible and experienced breeder who will provide you with healthy, socialized kittens. Ask the breeder questions about their breeding practices and make sure that they are up-to-date on vaccinations and health checkups.
  2. Check for any hereditary health issues: LaPerm cats can be prone to certain genetic disorders such as polycystic kidney disease (PKD) which is an inherited condition that affects the kidneys of some cats. Make sure that the kitten has been tested for this disorder before buying it so you know what you’re getting into.
  3. Consider your lifestyle: This breed requires regular grooming due to its long hair so if you don’t have time or would prefer not having to groom your pet then this may not be the right fit for you. Additionally, these cats are very active and enjoy playing with toys so if an active indoor playmate sounds like something that would suit your lifestyle then consider this breed!
  4. Prepare for shedding: All breeds of cats shed but LaPerm Cats tend to shed more frequently than other breeds due to their long coats so make sure that you are prepared by investing in a good vacuum cleaner and brushes/combs suitable for grooming long-haired cats!

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beautiful LaPerm cats cuddling on sofa


The LaPerm Cat is a unique and beautiful breed of cat that has an interesting coat that comes in various colors. They are loving, loyal, and smart cats who make wonderful companions. They are quite low maintenance when it comes to grooming and they have an easy-going temperament which makes them a great pet for all types of families. 

If you’re looking for a special cat with lots of personality, the LaPerm Cat should be your first choice!