Applehead Siamese: A True Beauty of The Cat World

The Siamese cat breed has always been enveloped in an aura of exotic grace and mystery, fascinating cat enthusiasts around the world. Among the various types that capture admirers’ hearts is the distinctive Applehead Siamese, a variation esteemed for its unique attributes and traditional appearance.

Cats have long been part of human society, serving as companions and symbols in many cultures. The Siamese breed, in particular, boasts an impressive lineage that traces back to ancient times. The Applehead Siamese variety presents a striking history that magnifies its allure among cat lovers.

As we explore this charming variant of the Siamese breed, you’ll discover why the Applehead has become prized among feline aficionados. It’s the combination of their comforting form, their affectionate nature, and their captivating history that makes them irresistible.

Through understanding their past and appreciating their unique traits, we can truly celebrate what makes the Applehead a gem in the world of cats.

HD image of Blue-eyed Applehead Siamese cat gazing

History of Applehead Siamese Cats

Tracing the roots of the Applehead Siamese takes us back to Southeast Asia, where they are one of the oldest recognized breeds of Oriental cat. This breed variation hails from Thailand, formerly known as Siam, where it was so revered that it was often found in royal households.

The Applehead Siamese is thought to be a representation of the original Siamese cat before selective breeding accentuated more extreme features. These cats are seen as the standard bearers of what Siamese cats once looked like.

Despite its ancient heritage, the Applehead Siamese’s popularity surged in the West when they were first introduced to Europe and North America in the late 19th century.

Originally, all Siamese cats had more robust features compared to what many recognize today. Over time, cat fanciers began breeding for more slender, elongated lines, leading to the Modern Siamese variety like Flame Point Siamese.

Nonetheless, a dedicated community of breeders and enthusiasts continued to cherish and foster the traditional characteristics of the Applehead variant, keeping this classic look alive.

The Applehead Siamese is truly distinct due to its more ‘traditional’ look and has drawn a devoted following.

This breed variation has managed to retain its historical character in part because enthusiasts have understood its unique place in feline history, making concerted efforts to preserve its lineage while prioritizing health and well-being.

Why Applehead are Desirable?

Among aficionados of the breed, Applehead Siamese cats hold a special status due to their distinctive coloration and structure. Their coats display the same striking point coloration as other Siamese variations—their ears, face, paws, and tail carry a darker hue compared to their lighter body.

However, they possess a plush, rounded face, unlike their Modern Siamese relatives, giving them a softer expression that has stolen many hearts.

HD Siamese Applehead cat relaxing indoors, with a view of trees in the background

The fur of an Applehead Siamese is short but lush, requiring minimal grooming while offering maximum softness. This aspect alone makes them attractive as pets since they combine low maintenance with a luxurious feel.

The pointed pattern in their coat is not just visually appealing but is also genetically fascinating—resulting from temperature-sensitive enzyme activity that leads to color changes.

Moreover, their genetics contribute not only to their alluring color patterns but also to a strong constitution. The Applehead variety is often regarded as hardier than its contemporary counterparts with fewer genetic health issues.

This reliability is part of what makes them particularly appealing for families seeking a companion pet that is both durable and dazzling in appearance.

What is Their Eye And Nose Color?

The quintessential feature that is synonymous with this breed variation’s hypnotic charm is their deep blue almond-shaped eyes. Though all Siamese cats are known for this standout trait, it is particularly captivating against the Applehead’s traditional facial structure.

Their striking gaze is often described as both intense and soulful—drawing you in with a sense of ancient wisdom that reflects their historic origins.

Complementing the enchanting eyes is the soft coloring of their nose leather which usually corresponds with the points on their coat.

Typically, you’ll find them boasting a cool-toned nose ranging from dark slate to light pinkish gray. This hint of color ties together their overall aesthetic, accentuating the balance between their enchanting eyes and their characteristic points.

HD closeup of an Applehead Siamese cat

Are Applehead Siamese Rare?

While not as rare as some novel designer breeds, Applehead Siamese cats are less commonly found than their Modern Siamese counterparts due to the dominance of modern breeding preferences.

Their relative scarcity adds an element of exclusivity to owning one which can be quite appealing for cat lovers looking for a pet with both storied heritage and individuality.

The market value for Applehead Siamese cats varies depending on lineage, breeder reputation, location, and demand. Generally speaking, they may fetch a higher price than more commonly found cat breeds due to their niche popularity and limited availability.

Admirers should be prepared to invest not just financially but emotionally in these captivating creatures who bring so much more than beauty into a home – they bring history and character.

Top 10 Names for an Applehead Siamese

Indoor HD photo of a Siamese cat laying on sofa

Choosing a name for your Applehead Siamese can be a delightful endeavor as you consider names that reflect its appearance and personality. Here’s a table with top recommendations and the rationale behind each:

AzureReflects the striking blue eyes characteristic of this cat.
SiamHonors the breed’s origins from Thailand.
OrchidInspired by exotic beauty akin to this variety’s allure.
MysticCaptures their enigmatic and soulful personality.
CocoShort for ‘chocolate point,’ one possible coat marking.
LunaEchoes their mesmerizing nocturnal gaze.
SapphireA jewel name signifying the rarity and beauty of their blue eyes.
JavaRefers to the rich brown coloring often found at their points.
VelvetMatches their plush fur and regal disposition.
BuddhaTouches on an element of serenity characteristic of these cats’ personalities.

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Applehead Siamese laying comfortably on cream white sofa

3 Unique Facts About Applehead Siamese

Discovering fascinating tidbits about your pet can make your bond even more special. Here are three unique facts about Applehead Siamese cats:

  1. Temperature-Responsive Fur: Their coat changes color based on temperature; cooler areas develop darker fur.
  2. Vocal Personalities: They are known for being highly vocal and communicating with humans through varied meows.
  3. Exceptional Lifespan: With proper care, they can live up to 15-20 years, making them long-term companions.
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How To Get an Applehead Siamese on a Budget!

If your heart is set on adopting an Applehead Siamese but finances are tight, don’t despair; there are avenues for finding these majestic creatures within your budget. Adoption through rescue organizations or shelters can be an affordable option; keep an eye out for breed-specific rescues that may house surrendered or rescued Siamese cats.

Additionally, exploring websites like Craigslist or Kijiji may yield opportunities for owners to rehome adult cats or kittens at lower costs than breeders typically charge.

Exercise caution with these platforms; ensure that cats come from healthy environments and that transactions are credible.

Portrait of a Siamese cat Applehead breed


Embarking on a journey with an Applehead Siamese involves embracing not just an animal but a piece of cultural heritage wrapped up in fur and purrs.

From understanding its storied past to marveling at its majestic beauty and discovering ways to welcome one into your family affordably, it’s clear why these creatures captivate us so thoroughly.

This traditional variant of the Siamese breed offers a unique combination of history, charm, and grace, truly making itself one among feline royalty.